Present Over Perfect – Day 44

Today is the last chapter of Present Over Perfect and what a beautiful way to end such a beautiful story!

I sit here in the quiet of the morning on my bed writing to you. Brock is snoozing beside me with his little foot laying over across my leg.

Kylie is on the couch at the foot of our bed, poking her little head up to look at me every other minute. I’ve told her about 5 times that it’s too early to be awake and that she needs to sleep a bit longer.

Today is fun Friday – and tonight we’ll gather the kids just a bit earlier than normal and do what we do most Fridays – spend time together as a family having fun.

These are the moments I want to really live and make count.

The little feet over my leg. The little head poking up with excitement that a new day has started. Time with my kiddos that I will never get back.

Not book publisher appointments. Not viral blog posts. Not a clean house. Not popularity on social media.

Those things will come and go and fade into the tapestry of life.

I want to look back and see that I’ve brought the best of me to those God has so graciously trusted to me.

Messy and broken and imperfect and full of love and forgiveness and spontaneous laughter.

That is the life I want to live and live well.

How about you? What moments of life do you want to make count the most? Write them down today. Visualize the small details. Get a mental picture of what being present over perfect means to you.

Tomorrow is the last day of our book club and I’ll wrap up my final thoughts on this topic. I hope to see you back then!


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