Present Over Perfect – Day 40

Here we are – only 5 days remaining in our book club! Today’s reading begins on page 204, Heart and Yes.

So, confession – I’m not a tattoo kind of girl…shocker, I know, right?


Maybe I can’t relate to those parts of the story, but I do understand the heart and yes.

I feel it is incredibly important to remember what drives us as we navigate sea-changes in our own lives – the heart of God.

If we start and end each day based on His love – our lives change in drastic ways. We love more. We love differently. We walk in a love so strong that overflows with the Spirit of God.

And so much of this story has been based on what we put down, what we let go of, what we say NO to. That is indeed part of the sea-change that is living present over perfect, but that ultimately leads to saying YES!

We make room for those things we’ve always wanted to say YES to, but didn’t have the time, or the energy, or the room in our busy frantic lives.

Heart and Yes.

I may not have them tattooed on my wrists, but maybe I’ll add them to my war room wall in big huge letters.


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2 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 40

  1. Not a tattoo kind of girl either, but they certainly are the rage now. I understand the heart and yes and agree with them. I struggle with knowing what my dream is. I know this was a couple of chapters ago but life has happened and getting caught up. It seems I have lived for others so long I am not sure I even have a dream of my own. Will have to pray on this.

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    1. I have thought about your words here a lot today. I don’t know you super well but I bet God has something in mind that has to do with encouraging and writing 🙂 I will be praying that God reveals this is in such a real way to you in the coming days!!

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