Present Over Perfect – Day 39

Today we begin on page 199, Essential Self.

This chapter is so motivating to me.

This chapter makes me want to sit across the table just like Shauna did with her mentor.

If it were me and you sitting at the table – I’d remind you of these words:

But here’s the thing: every new season of life is an invitation to leave behind the things of the season before, the trappings and traps that have long expired, right for then, no longer right for now.

And these words:

Whatever passage you’re facing – entering your twenties or your sixties, facing life alone for the first time in a long time or learning the new dance of partnership, becoming a parent or becoming an empty nester, leaving student life behind or becoming a student once again – has the potential to be your sea-change, your invitation to leave behind what’s not essential and travel deeply into the heart of things. This is a pattern we can recreate all our lives, over and over, because who’s ever totally finished leaving things behind?

Yes, yes, yes. This is your time. This is your invitation. Sea-change.

What is your dream? What do you want to be doing more of? What do you want to be doing less of? What can you do TODAY to start towards that? What can you let go of? What can you grab hold of that you’ve put down?

I will be that friend for you. I will ask the questions. I will encourage you to do this. I will do this with you. And God is so faithful to lead the way.


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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 39

  1. I’ve experienced this in my personal life and my professional life. Most recently at work it has been a change of managers. After reporting to one manager for eight years and being very comfortable, I then had five different managers in three years and I was in the same role! Many of them were challenging and one in particular made me feel that I could do nothing right, after being very successful for many years. I had always looked at these changes as having a new slate, just as Shauna said, an opportunity to start all over, leave things behind. It all worked out and God sustained.

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