Present Over Perfect – Day 38

We begin the last part of our book today on page 195, Throwing Candy.

This chapter reminds me of who I was during my college years.

I had an alternate hilarious personality that liked to come out in the dorm, she was born during our freshman year. Her name was KIMMMMMM!

Kim was hilarious. Kim laughed and didn’t care. Kim liked to lip sync to Shania Twain. She also wore lipstick that was always drawn outside the lines – oh so fabulous.

Kim became the crazy Starr that threw candy.

It’s been a long time since Kim made an appearance. I’m finding her come closer as I spend more time just being crazy with my sister. I want my kids to know that kind of good clean crazy that is their mom.

I too have become the responsible one that worries too much about getting things done and not stopping to have plain silly fun.

That can change – it is totally my choice.

How about you? When was the last time you threw candy?


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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 38

  1. My nature doesn’t lean toward being crazy but I do love to have fun and get out of the norm. One of the things I enjoy lately is being crazy with Joy, Chloe, Kayla and Kylie while we are all in my little car going to and from church or back and forth when we go out for lunch after church on Sundays. Last night I had Kylie, Joy and two little girls from my Sunday School class in the car with me. Joy cranked up the music, first with some favorites from Shawn Mendez and the by request from the girls, some of our choir songs. While I don’t know all the words to the Shawn songs like Joy, I can jump in on the chorus or clap to the beat! I was tickled when one little girl asked to hear one of the old gospel songs – that is how I remember the choir songs when I was growing up. I let them play the music as loud as we can stand it and we have a blast. I’m hoping that when I’m long gone, the girls will look back on “riding with Grammie” as going loads of fun!

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