Present Over Perfect – Day 37

On Snow begins on page 189 to finish up part 5 of our book!

I’m amazed each night when I go to pick up this little book how God speaks to me in ways that are so unexpected.

I actually finished reading the entire thing almost a month ago and each night I go back to re-read the day’s chapter and let the words soak in deeper.

Can you picture the falling snow – the peacefulness – the steady quiet – the blanket of quietness and simple beauty…


Nothing forced or hurried, but snow doing exactly what it is meant to do – fall.

These questions got to me tonight:

What are the things he’s asking you to do, the things he made you to do, the things you do effortlessly and easily?

What do you do with the ease and lightness of falling snow?

What does your passion bubble over for?

What do you need to leave behind in order to recover that essential self that God created?

I’m finding more and more that I love to gather people.

I love to gather broken things.

I love to gather broken things and broken people and broken love – and in the midst of it all create lasting experiences.

I love to find the beauty in the ashes and the light gleaming through the cracks that no one else pauses to notice.

And I’ve been putting off so much of doing what I love – because I’ve been waiting on everything to be perfect. Isn’t that exactly the opposite of the things I love???

Waiting on my house to be clean and clutter free (yeah, right).

Waiting on us to find a barn.

Waiting on having more time (who isn’t waiting on this, right?).

Waiting on experience.


Meanwhile, I’m watching everyone around me it seems live out the dream I’m dreaming. The dream that comes so easily for me – like falling snow.

The key is this: leaving behind the excuses and letting go of all those things that hold me back from what God made me to be.

No more stressing over stupid drama. No more fretting over a messy house and shower scum that will never ever leave me.

Time to fall. Like snow.



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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 37

  1. Shauna is so right on point when she says that “so many of us twist ourselves up in knots trying desperately to be something else, someone else…” . I remember from such an early age tearing up and crying so easily. It isn’t a woeful noisy cry, just tears that flow with no ability for me to stop this natural reaction to situations. I’m a little better and tougher with experience but I still tear up very easily. I cry when I feel hurt, disappointed, fearful or just feeling sorry for myself. Most times I would rather not cry but that is just how God made me and it isn’t something I can change. I cry when I’ve failed others, I cry when I fail my own expectations, I cry when others are hurting…. The good thing is that this initial response from my body doesn’t generally last long. I pull up my boot straps, face what is before me, and with God’s strength, I carry on. When I see the cold hearts of some people, it makes me grateful that God made me this way. So when you see my tears, just know that I will be OK.

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