Present Over Perfect – Day 34

Morning and Evening begins on page 176.

Ok, goodness – y’all.

I have been the one that has forsaken washing my face and going to bed early and wearing real pajamas.

You can pretty much assume that Shauna is describing my life in this chapter.

I read something earlier today that talked about mornings and evenings with the Great Shepherd.

In the morning – the girl in the book would go to the Great Shepherd to find out her orders for the day. In the evening, she would meet the Great Shepherd to report how things went.

Isn’t that what we should do with our mighty Shepherd?

The timing of this chapter and my reading earlier today seems as though God is dropping clues for me – clues that I need to pay attention to.

There is such power in learning to take care of yourself and setting aside time to start and end the day. In my 35 years of living, I have yet to accomplish anything like this.

It is time to start living differently for me.

How about you? Is this something you have always done? Some people naturally get this better than others.



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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 34

  1. I have to admit that I’m a creature of habit. Even since high school I prefer to get to bed early and rise early. When I try to adjust to the rest of my family by staying up late I tend to wear out quickly! My routine of oil of Olay on my face has been with me for almost forty years, never had a reason to change that habit. I’ve probably sacrificed a lot of exciting times in life due to my boring habits but it works for me and I’m content. I do like to sprinkle in different and unusual events here and there and if my circumstances were different I’m sure I would make other choices. I thank God for who I am and for who I can be, with His help!


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