Present Over Perfect – Day 32

Today’s reading begins on page 171, Clearing Away.

Some of what I’m leaving behind in this season is the need to please everyone. I want to respect all people. I want to learn from all people, most especially people who are different from me and who disagree with me, but pleasing, for me, is over.

What a great chapter to read in this season of America.

Spend 10 minutes on social media and you’ll surely find people disagreeing, bashing, fighting and trying to tell why everyone else is wrong and they are right.

It’s not fun to watch, in my humble opinion.

You will never please everyone.


HA! I love that quote. Especially since I did my college senior Public Relations project on Nutella. Oh, what a special place in my heart Nutella holds, lol.

I absolutely love how Shauna calls out what people thing – as in that nameless, faceless swamp of opinions.

That’s exactly what it is.

My mom is really teaching me how to let go of the opinion of others. She’s gained wisdom in her many years of leadership, pastoring, and just plain being nice.

There is truly a freedom when we begin to grasp this simple truth in life.

More focus to God and the people we love most. Amen? Amen!


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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 32

  1. Yes, I learned the hard way and it took me too long to get there. If we can end each day knowing that our actions pleased God, that we treated others with respect, knowing that even with our best intentions we won’t make every person happy, then we can lay our head to rest with peace in our hearts.

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