Present Over Perfect – Day 31

On Jesus begins on page 165.

If I didn’t have a super snotty nose tonight, I’d bring back the video and tell you that in the middle of this story – this story of finding less, being still, being connected while slowing down – is Jesus.

Trying to do this without Him just won’t work.

If you’re anything like me and you’ve lived a life full of busyness, hustle and earning – it might not easily be broken. The strength of Jesus is the difference maker.

With Jesus, this life IS possible.

…but I’m finding that my ability to sit with Jesus makes me more present and connected with Aaron, with my boys. As I create space and imagination within myself to be heard by the actual person of Christ, my capacity to hear the people I love is increasing.

Far too often I discount the benefits of sitting with Jesus. I forget how much He changes me. I get caught up in doing it all myself and starving my soul, so unintentionally most days.

I want to live in such a way that creates space for Him first.

I love this song by Lauren Daigle that reminds me of just that.

How about you? Have you seen the difference walking and sitting with Jesus can make?


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6 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 31

  1. Absolutely! The days I actually sit and just be with him makes a huge difference in me, so when I am with others he is the one allowing me to see them differently. However, I am still learning to just sit and not dictate the time we spend together will all my junk!
    Thanks Starr for sharing your heart and this book with us.
    Praying for health for your family.

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    1. Thank you so much for the prayers. Our whole family has been hit with this sinus stuff. Sitting with Jesus makes me more of the person I long to be in this world. I’m still learning too, friend! Amen!


  2. I struggle with sitting still for anything, I need to work on listening! I do find that when I don’t spend as much time with God, when I get too confident in my own abilities, that I have to back up and remember to give Him all the glory and honor. God knows what I need most and His timing is perfect, no matter how anxious I might get waiting on His will to be done. My heart aches for the young people who are having to learn life’s hard lessons. It is hard to explain that these are ways that God is breaking and molding our lives to be our best. Keeping Jesus in the center makes life so much easier. I don’t know where I would be today without God’s mercy.

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    1. I started reading a book tonight that talks about exactly what you’re saying – the breaking and molding of our lives to be our best. Have you ever read Hinds’ Feet On High Places?


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