Present Over Perfect – Day 30

THIS is my favorite chapter, friends.

The words from these pages are words I would love to put into the hands of anyone in ministry or anyone following the call to serve others in any capacity.

Just because you have the capacity to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Oh how I need to remember this more often.

I have to remember that I will always be able to do ANYTHING, but I can’t do EVERYTHING.

This is what I’m finding, every day, every hour: there is a way of living that is so sweet, so full, so whole and beautiful you’ll never want to go back once you’ve tasted it.

I will not waste one more day trapped in comparison, competition, proving, and earning. That’s the currency of a culture that has nothing to offer me.

Oh y’all. I could keep going and quote just about every line from this chapter.

I plan to mark these pages well to come back to when I’m struggling to remember my soul and family have a priority and that I can’t constantly bring home the leftovers to them.

They deserve more.

I deserve more.

You deserve more.


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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 30

  1. I’ve been guilty of giving God and my family second best. At the time I felt that God gave me a wonderful job with great benefits so that our family could become financially secure so I had to work extra long hours to position myself for the best opportunities. God did bless me so that our family no longer has to worry about making it pay check to paycheck but I did pay the price. I am glad God has put me in the place to slow down and cherish my family. God is good and His timing is perfect.

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