Present Over Perfect – Day 29

As I read The Narrowing chapter for today’s reading I have to admit something:

The stories Shauna told in the beginning paragraphs with her family made my heart ache and long for that in my own life.

We don’t do those things. At least we haven’t very much.

The days are few and far between where we sit and play and enjoy the moments without rushing to the next thing.

I’m not one of those people that figured this out earlier in life.

I’m one of the “most of us” – trying to fill a wound, trying to outrun something, turning up the volume to drown out a song that’s been haunting us all our lives.


I’m just not sure yet what it is that I’ve been running from or trying to drown out or trying to prove with all the hustle.

And that’s ok. I don’t have to know the answer to that right now.

The point is that God has birthed this new longing deep in my soul to change my ever so crazy life.

I guess I’ll always be crazy, but maybe a bit less stressed crazy and a good crazy that always makes you smile and know you’re not alone, friends.

What have you learned about narrowing your life? Is this something you’ve been doing already or something you’re just now considering?


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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 29

  1. The narrowing for me will be when I get rid of more stuff. Like Shauna, I am comforted by routine. At this time in our life, our little family has a little routine that I love. Late in the evenings, after dinner is done, dishes done, homework is done, perhaps the last load of laundry is folded and my walk is done, we find time to “assume our positions”. Dad is in the recliner, Joy on the couch with her cover, and me on the love seat with my feet up on the ottoman. We might start off with our electronics in hand, catching up on the latest, but we usually catch some light hearted old tv series or games show or our favorite NCIS or Designated Survivor. This is our time to escape from work and school, laugh at people on game shows or predict what will happen on the drama shows. I will miss this when Joy leaves for college in less than two years. God knew that we needed a Joy in our lives, she is a delight!

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