Present Over Perfect – Day 28

Your Mess is Mine begins on page 151.

I feel like I do a pretty good job of letting y’all know I’m a hot mess, right??

Our house is usually a mess, and that’s just the start. My schedule gets messy. My mind gets messy too and just today I felt like I was seriously losing my mind at one point! Anybody else felt that way lately?

Tonight it’s way later than normal when I’m sitting down at my little keyboard to update the blog. So, no video because my energy is zapped dry. I’ve got a kid that has coughed for the past 10 hours straight and another kid that has cried for just about as long. I’m spent.

Here’s an indication of how my day has gone:


You can’t really tell from this photo, but I pinned back my new bangs with a bobbie pin while they were wet straight out of the shower this morning. Well, half way through the evening in the car I decided to take the bobbie pin out because it was tight and hurting my head. That photo is exactly what I looked like – a wild chicken.

Then, I forgot and got out at a gas station.


This girl rode by as I was stepping out of the car and gave me the weirdest look. I was all like, “What’s she looking at??”


I jumped back in the car as fast as I could to pin back my crazy wild chicken head.

Friends are there to help us laugh at our mess!!!

I pray that God has surrounded you with friends to lean on and to trust with every single vulnerable part of your real life. If not, start praying specifically for those friends and start being that friend to someone else.

I have a select few friends that know me and ALLL my imperfections and weaknesses and disappointments and failures (even the ones that never make it to my blog). They love me in spite of my mess. They help me carry that mess. And I carry theirs too.

It takes time and energy to build and nurture those types of friendships. I believe God gave us friends for that very reason. He didn’t intend for us to do this adventure called life alone.

As we scale back our busy lives, we’ll find more time to nurture these true and deep messy friendships. I want more of that. I want to be that friend to those who have shown me so much undeserved love and compassion over the years.

How about you?


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3 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 28

  1. You’re a great friend, it’s like getting coffee and picking up where we left off, being able to open up with no reservations and no matter the gap of time that has gone by, you make others feel like they can be themselves, REAL! That’s a great gift to give others, thankful for knowing you! Life is a beautiful mess, and this season of life with littles it’s really beautiful, mess and all!
    O yesterday Victoria wasn’t feeling that great and the kitchen floor was that “beautiful mess”, it made her happy and content so all was well, REAL life isn’t always perfect or easy but yes it’s beautiful and priceless❤️

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    1. I completely agree, Cassie! I love friendships like ours. And I love that God puts us together even after years go by, exactly when we need encouragement! Love you guys!


  2. I love this chapter! I don’t know any perfect people, there are no perfect jobs, marriages, churches or families. We are all a mess and we are in this together. When our husband is down, we pull them up. When we are down, our loved ones get us through the mess. When we or our loved ones face death, disease, broken promises, broken marriages and so much more, we stay close by to be ready for whatever is needed – a prayer, a kind word, a listening ear or just our quiet presence and understanding. Above all, our Heavenly Father is there to hold our head up, give us a hug and to tell us that He will help us clean up the mess we made. Life goes on, another mess along with all the fun and satisfaction of life.

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