Present Over Perfect – Day 27

Today’s reading starts on page 148, Must Be Nice.

Oh yes, haven’t we said those very words in our head over and over time and again?? I know I have. Why do we say them? What is it in our own lives that makes us feel that way?

How about you? Do you find yourself saying must be nice? Do you pay attention to why?


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One thought on “Present Over Perfect – Day 27

  1. At this time in my life the ones I envy are those my age that have retired and are enjoying their life after their career. I want to be there with them but I realize that life, circumstances and my choices along the way won’t allow that right now. So, I suppose I will just keep thinking, ‘ must be nice’ and long for the day when it’s the right time for me to retire – hopefully when Joy graduates from college!

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