Present Over Perfect – Day 25

Today’s reading starts on page 135, Walking on Water.

In keeping with the theme of our book, today is Sunday and I’m slowing down. No video, but a quick check in.

This chapter made me think about how I’ve interpreted the Bible so many times. Isn’t it crazy how God can open our eyes on stories we’ve read so many times and let us see clearly when we need it?

The story of walking on water was especially special. Since visiting the Holy Land this summer, my eyes are opened so much to the places Jesus walked and performed so many miracles.

Here is the Sea of Galilee – where they walked on the water. Gives me chills.


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2 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 25

  1. This chapter brings to light an interesting perspective. I never really thought of it either way. I’ve always seen it as The Lord taking our hand even when we falter in our faith walk. He is always there just waiting for us to acknowledge that we need Him. I also glad that His loves never fails and He never gives up on me. That song is on my mind since church today.

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