Present Over Perfect – Day 24

Ok friends – simply put from page 128:

“This isn’t about working less or more, necessarily. This isn’t about homemade or takeout, or full time or part time, or the specific ways we choose to live out our days. It’s about rejecting the myth that every day is a new opportunity to prove our worth, and about the truth that our worth is inherent, given by God, not earned by our hustling.”

Amen. And AMEN!

I’m a mess.

This is my life.

I’ll never have a perfect house. I’ll never have a perfectly clean car. I’ll never be on time for everything.

And I’ll pretty much kill myself if I try to do all those things.

Instead, I’m gonna be me. And I’m gonna let all the people that do those things well be them.

I do have a killer sense for picking up junk and making it beautiful. I can market a house like it’s nobody’s business. I’m never afraid to take a risk and tackle the craziest fixer upper. I have crazy spontaneous fun with my kids and husband more than perfectly planned out vacations. I love getting up in front of people and talking and worshiping and crying and laughing.

I’m gonna do those things well that I love. And I’m not gonna pressure you do do them if that’s not your thing. Deal?

What if we all lived life like this? What if we all stopped looking at our friends and thinking we need to be more like them? What if we leave inspiration to be just that and slam the door on comparison and judgement?

I’m tired of trying to measure up to other bloggers. Tired of thinking I should have the perfect Instagram feed. Tired of worrying about my “brand” and everything I should do to have a big following.

Sheeeeeshhh. I’m letting all that go.

And I’m going to do more sitting and figuring out who God wants ME to be.

Today I drove into the parking lot of the little church across the street. I turned my car off and sat in silence. Nothing but me and the pouring rain outside. I parked facing the rolling corn fields. I can envision our farm here. I can see the barn. I can see the cottages. I can see marriages being restored. I can see lives being refreshed. I can see my family running wild and free. I can see God doing something more than I ever imagined possible.

I can see it coming. I want to be ready. I want to worry less about a perfect clean house and more about the dream He’s calling me to walk into next.

What about you? What can you lay down in striving to be perfect? What can you follow that goes along with your heart and soul?


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6 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 24

  1. Starr, I’m glad to see that you are starting to embrace who you are, imperfections and all. Many times I see you being yourself and not worrying about others and then other times I see you stressing out while trying to be someone else. No one wants you to be like everyone else, we would miss the Starr we all know and love. Keep dreaming, keep looking for God’s will and God’s timing and you won’t have regrets. I like the story of the shoes. I can relate! As I get older, I refuse more often to wear shoes that kill my feet just to be stylish and pretty! Why do we do that to ourselves? Maybe this is why some people start to dress “frumpy” in their old age and why some people just embrace it earlier in life! Life is too short, ear the sneakers, the sweat shirt or whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. That is one thing I love about our church. We don’t care what people wear as long as they are decent. You will see some in their Sunday best, suits and ties or lace dresses and others in their favorite football sweatshirt. None of that matters, they are in the Lord’s house, ready to worship, and no one cares that one usher is in a coat and tie and the other a football jersey. Most of the time none of us even pay attention to that, we just gather to worship and praise God.

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    1. I didn’t even think about this aspect! I love this about our church too!! I’m learning from your wisdom in your old age, mom! I don’t need to try and be someone else. I’m just gonna be me and thrive in what God has planned for my life!


  2. Ah Freida, you hit the nail on the head. I don’t know about you but when I was younger we all dressed in the very best clothes we had to go to church and even as a kid I couldn’t wait to get home and get them off me. As I grow older it is hard sometimes to make those changes. Some days I feel that I should be dressed up to go to church. But you are so right. I couldn’t tell you what my friend had on last week. Sometimes my husband will ask me, “did I wear this shirt last Sunday?” and I haven’t a clue.
    I long to be consistently ME. I guess I am still trying to find her. Some days I am just me and other days I am not sure who I am trying to be. Well, it is a process and I am glad I have started. Thanks ladies for your nonjudgmental sharing.

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    1. This is so true! I’ve thought a lot about you this week when thinking about the whole social media thing. It’s hard to not compare ourselves and to think we need to be more this or more that. Let’s just be us. And not worry about trying to keep up 🙂

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      1. I seem driven to do it all on these 31 days. I want to stop but it seems that just isn’t in me. Half done was not acceptable the whole time I was growing up, in the work place, and at home. Trying to readjust but not gaining any ground. I will continue to try to let go. Thanks for your prayers.

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