Present Over Perfect – Day 23

Page 124, When Brave Looks Boring – is where we begin today.

Brave for our family right now looks like this:

What does being brave look like for you right now?


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2 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 23

  1. Brave isn’t a word that comes to mind very often but now it will going forward. As I look back, I’m reminded of a few times where I have been brave in my actions. However, my courage comes from the Lord. Since God made me the way I am, then the change from within must come from Him. If I try to change on my own , I make a mess, hurt others or disappoint myself. I have found that it is all in letting go and letting God mold me into who He wants and needs me to be. I’m sometimes surprised at how it is me and circumstances that God changes rather than others. That’s OK, it’s all good when God is in control. I said OK, but not perfect and certainly not the way I would like it many times. I still say things I regret, I still don’t say things in a way that is well received by others but I just try to learn a life lesson, try to remember what approach works best with certain individuals and move on. I would say that many things I agonize over aren’t given a second thought by the other person. I just keep trying to work toward who I think God wants me to become. While it would be awesome to learn life lessons in the blink of an eye and get it over with, it just doesn’t work that way. Life lessons are learned by living. Being brave and courageous is one way to embrace life.

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