Present Over Perfect – Day 20

Y’all – I got a bit teary at the end of today’s video and I just stopped and cut it off. I was trying to keep from bawling and losing it. Every time I think about today’s topic and I read the words, it gets me.

I realize this book isn’t for everyone (yeah, Brian has admitted he doesn’t really get this book and he hasn’t been reading…blah blah). But goodness, it was meant for me and such a time as this. I pray that it speaks to you too. I pray that we’re all brave and we have courage.




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10 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 20

  1. You don’t owe me an apology. You are an amazing wife and mom! You do a lot for other people, for our family, for our church, etc. This season of being so rushed will pass. We both can do a little better prioritizing throughout the day so we can be present with our kiddos at night. I love you and quit beating yourself up!

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  2. Ah what a man! You two are such and inspiration to me. I know that life can seem overwhelming at times, but God has placed the two of you together and with him I know you will work through yet one more struggle to get this thing called life right. Praying for wisdom and strength for you and your beautiful family.

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    1. Thank you for your prayers. I realized so much on this topic today as I let my mind settle on the wisdom. And when this struggle passes, there is surely another one to come. That’s why we need Jesus, right? Thankful.

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  3. Starr…..I so love you and your honesty. You are a lover of life. You love it all. Three children is not an easy task – I believe I know all about that. Be thankful that Brian appreciates all that you do and is such a great partner. Let God lead you in this busy season of life.

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    1. Thank you, and you are so right. I am such a lover of life. No matter the season, I love finding the joy and living to the fullest. I’m so grateful for the friends and family God has surrounded us with. For such a time as this!


  4. Of course mom hurts when you hurt. We’ve all been there, some more recently than others. Your passion encourages others. When you stop caring then I will worry. Embrace this time in your life, keep listening to God and He will work it out. You have an amazing husband and children, to match your amazing self! Keep your chin up and enjoy who you are. What would we do without your reminder that life is not perfect and that’s OK? Some have clean houses and empty hurting hearts, others have cluttered houses and full lives! Some have clean houses and happy hearts, don’t know how but oh well! I thank God for you and what you mean to me and others. Can’t imagine life without you and the fun that you bring by living life to the fullest.

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    1. Thank you for these beautiful reminders, mom. I’ve been thinking on this topic a lot today. One way I can spend more time is to bring the family into my blog. We did that tonight with the stuffed animals!! We’re getting rid of stuff, encouraging others and spending time together all at the same time!! Win win win! Love you!!

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