Present Over Perfect – Day 19

We begin on page 107 today, Legacy.

I want a life that is actually deeper and richer when you zoom in, not just fabulous from a distance.

If we could peek into your life, what would it be like up close?


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4 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 19

  1. I think I always thought I had to be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY! Expectations? Maybe just from my inner self! As I grow older, I find total contentment in the purposeful slow-down of life. I don’t have to be hurry, hurry, rush, rush, to be happy. I enjoy solitude. And if the to-do list isn’t finished today….so what???

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  2. If you could peek into my life, you might be surprised at the stuff that I don’t stress over any more. It took me so long to get to this place and I wasted so many years worrying about everybody else, or what everybody else might think. Like Frankie says, ” so what?” The to do list NEVER goes away. I’m trying to achieve more of a balance. Less hours working, more time at home, quality time with my teenager who has less than two years before college, (I’m actually watching Dancing With the Stars with her this year for the first time ever!), more time in prayer, more time for me and so much more – but in so many ways so much less!

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