Present Over Perfect – Day 18

Today we begin Part 3 and our reading is on page 101, Agency.

If you’re on schedule for the daily readings, today is Sunday.

I am intentionally choosing to not worry about a video on the weekends – this is my time to slow down and enjoy family and worship.

That is what this book is about, right?

A few quick insights from today’s reading:

  • “…you have to stop doing a whole lot of things to learn what it is you really love, who it is you really are.” I have found this sentence to be so true in my own life. I’ve been trying to figure out over the past year how to start my own business. For a long time I thought it would be an online business. I learned very quickly that I’m not efficient or effective when it comes to spreadsheets and shipping and packaging. I’ve had to be honest with myself about what I can and can’t do. I’ve had to ask myself tough questions about what I really LOVE and what I see myself doing everyday in a business. Saying no to a lot lately has given me the space – mentally and physically, to really think on what is next in my life.
  • You were made by hand with great love by the God of the universe, and he planted deep inside of you a set of loves and dreams and idiosyncrasies, and you can ignore them as long as you want, but they will at some point start yelling. Worse than that, if you ignore them long enough, they will go silent, and that’s the real tragedy.” YES YES YES! Anyone else heard the yelling for a while now to follow something you love or dream about? I have. I’m at a place where I don’t want to ignore it anymore. I want to live a life that is so different, so untypical, so extraordinary. I don’t want my dreams to go silent.

Do you have any dreams or loves inside of you yelling or on the verge of going silent? Have you talked about it lately? I’ve found that sharing your dreams with people gives you motivation to go after them. I’d love to hear your thoughts and be your biggest cheerleader.


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5 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 18

  1. Starr, I can see you with pom poms jumping up and down to cheer us on, I love your enthusiasm and your loving spirit. I am not sure I have anything shouting at me or dreams to come to pass other than my blog to be an encouragement to women who are struggling with finding God.
    Happy 2 years by the way.

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