Present Over Perfect – Day 14

Today brings us to page 84, Daughter.

I recorded this video after falling asleep while putting Brock to bed! I wore lipstick so you wouldn’t think I look so sleepy, haha! More on how I didn’t actually act very much like a daughter of the King today. PS – I didn’t really want to punch anyone in the face…well, maybe…


Do you struggle to remember your status as a son or daughter of the King? What’s going through your mind on building a life that reflects Christ?


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12 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 14

  1. Dear Starr.
    I wish all I needed to do to look great was to put on some lipstick! Ha.
    I love the words ” Daughter of the King” and to know God as Abba. I like you don’t always reflect my title. I think the book helps us keep this in mind.

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  2. I know that I am seeking “daughter-ness”, as Shauna said. I, too, find it most through silence. You younger “girls” have a lifestyle that is totally different from mine – I’ve “been there and done that” busy busy life, working and taxiing all afternoon. I loved being there for my children, and I will always be there for them, but now is the time for God to nurture me, comfort me, and I truly want “daughter-ness.” I loved what she said, ” I felt my tangled spirit begin to untangle.” And, Starr, you’ve GOT to sleep sometime!

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    1. But you know what I remember from being a little girl when you were in that busy season? You never seemed frazzled. No. You fostered an environment of patience and piano music and love. I want to do that. I want to foster slowness and genuine care instead of hustle and bustle. And don’t worry about me and sleep, ha. I take naps and Brian is so gracious most days to take our kids so I can steal another hour or 2 of sleep 🙂 I love sleep. And food. Ha!!


  3. I’m with Frankie…. I guess God knew what he was doing when he had us to slow down with age. I think we all can come up with times that we didn’t act like the child of the King. I know I look back with shame at some of my reactions! It does get easier to recognize and avoid those situations as you age, hard to forget the guilt of our past sins. I’m so glad that I serve a King who forgives over and over again and still calls me his child.

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    1. Freida, It is hard not to look back but yesterday is gone and today His mercies are new. I also have past regrets that stagger me at times, but I need to remember they are forgiven and cast into the sea. Join me today in celebration of how deep the sea is. Yeah!

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  4. Thank you again Starr for leading this book! In our Sunday school book, several lines stood out it me and what you just said. Christian citizens have an obligation to be responsible with the freedom God provides. We are to be submissive because of our respect of God. And the name of Jesus is at stake. Living as a daughter of God is hard but the joy that comes with it is amazing!!!

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    1. I love this! We have so much responsibility and we are the only ones that can choose to live that out. And responsibility doesn’t mean more more more. It’s knowing when to say no sometimes and actually having the courage to follow through.


  5. Love love this chapter!!! This is exactly what I need to be doing — slowing down; acting like I am living in the older days instead of this concrete america.

    God created us uniquely. Therefore, how am I letting a culture teach me things when we are all unique???? Growing up I was very good at being passive. Literally, someone could walk into me and I would say sorry. While other kids were smoking, drinking or having sex, I was asking for extra credit, working while going to school, and then eventually, I got married before I became intimate for the first time. Wow…how sad is the fact that the latter part of that is not the norm anymore. I feel so sad for my children having to grow up in this day in age. However, I pray that my passivessness when I was younger will be the crutch that my kids can lean on.

    So, I somehow changed from being passive to feeling entitled like the world owes me something; almost like a reward for being good. Well, the devil is good about getting to people and changing them. Going back to Eve, the serpent changed God’s words to make her think she wanted something. She had not thought of it before because she had her child like faith – do what father says no matter if he gives the extra details on why or not. However, that serpent planted that thought which Eve did not overcome. The Bible uses words like “she wanted” as she wanted to be equal with God to know everything. We can never be equals with our parents though as they were before us, but we can strive to be like them or more importantly like Jesus. So maybe the next time I am feeling a “want”, I will pray to see if this desire is something that would honor God or see if it is just another treasure to store on Earth.

    Recently I had a dream about snakes. This was before I started re-reading the book of Genesis. I do not like snakes at all. In my dream, I was on my back lying down on a floor or hard surface while holding two snakes back or it may have been one snake with two heads. Eitherway it was such a very strange and powerful dream as I immediately woke up and looked at my hands to make sure I didn’t get bitten.

    So, a few days later when I did pick up my Bible reading, I stopped dead in my tracts around the part where we have to be careful not to let sin overtake us since it is crouching at our door. That dream immediately flashed back before my eyes. It was as if I was trying to wrestle off sin from overtaking me. The sin of false lies telling myself I am not good enough or that I am a failure so why even try. It is the sin of being too busy to remember what life is really about. It is the sin to miss the opportunities God gives me to help others to give back. The Bible is full of examples about God giving. Even when Cain killed his brother, God had mercy on him as Cain said that God gave him too much to bear. Well, no is God’s answer back. God basically gave Cain a protection card whIle we as humans would have said that he needed to be killed. We keep thinking we are equal to God, but we are not. We should just leave judgment up to Him and we should just be His children.

    FYI…don’t worry about lipstick or makeup!!! If I could look like you while you have no makeup, I would!! God created us to be us…before society told us to put makeup on. 🙂

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    1. I just love your comments, Pam! You make me think about so many different perspectives. Wow about the dream!!!! I love what this book is teaching us and making us think differently.


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