Present Over Perfect – Day 13

Hi friends! It’s day 13 of our book club and we’re on page 79, A Wide and Holy Space.

I moved locations up into my prayer closet for today’s video – so don’t get too dizzy with my unstable computer!! And also, I had my hand over the microphone for about 4 seconds (ooops). The sound comes right back – no worries šŸ™‚

How have you grown in your church experience over the years? Do you regularly engage in getting to know traditions and perspectives from people outside your own circle?


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10 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 13

  1. Oh wow! Growing, changing, broadening views – that’s me over the past ten years! Christian music is a prime example. I am totally “moved” by music – it stirs my soul. I have come to LOVE not only traditional hymns but much of contemporary Christian music! Always growing, never sitting still _ except in His presence!

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    1. What a great thing to bring up on perspective – music!!! I would not have thought about that at all. And I have to say, I’m proud of you for opening up to contemporary Christian music. Can you work on my dad, hahah??!?!


  2. I tend to travel in the same circles, I don’t venture far from family, work and my church family. I can say that teaching children in Sunday School does expose me to new groups of children as they grow up and move along. I taught Starr in Sunday School and then Wednesday night classes through her early teens. I taught Joy in her early years, granddaughter Kayla in nursery and now grade school. I remember a few times when Kylie was a baby that I would get some quiet time in the nursery with her, she will be coming along soon to be under my teaching for grade school. No matter how much I think I know already, I keep learning something new along with the children. Their excitement and energy encourage my heart. The Bible studies that I’ve participated in over the last couple of years have helped me to view my christian walk with a new perspective.

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    1. Thank you for bringing up this perspective of learning from children! I never would have thought about that but it is so true. I love the relationship that forms from teaching kids. It’s hard to believe that Brian and I have been teaching Children’s Church for 13 years, wow! God shows me so much just from hearing their perspectives and remembering that it takes the faith of a child.


  3. When I read this chapter, it brought me back to that documentary “Story of God” by Morgan Freeman. He traveled to different parts of the world to learn how different cultures worship and to learn more about their beliefs. I feel that it isn’t just different religions that can be different, but it is also where that religion is practiced. Christianity in America may mean one thing with the 8+ hour work day, the American dream, taking prayer and Bible out of school, etc., but Christianity in another part of the world that believes in only 6 hour work days, prayer in schools, a year off for parents when babies are born, etc. can be different even though it is the same type.

    Sometimes I feel like our culture is the lazy American belief; the luke-warm feeling or false persona since we are too busy working and chasing material dreams. I am guilty of this. I long for the culture that makes you feel like an outcast if you do not take an hour for prayer time with folks from town. I long for this because since I am so stubborn in wanting to be like others or too busy focusing on the wrong things, it would be nice to have a requirement. Lol. Of course, like any situation, it is not always greener on the other side.

    I use to think I wouldn’t be able to make it in the old days. However, all I can think about lately is Adam and Eve. Well, it could be because I got a new Bible with visuals to help me stay focus in reading since I tend to find myself multitasking with thoughts when I read the Bible. Anyway, Adam and Eve were created to toil the land, watch over the animals, be man and wife, have children, and follow God. God saw what He made and He said it was good and blessed them. How wonderful is that?!?! Simply to be as God created us is ENOUGH!! So, maybe I could give up my AC and luxuries to go back to simpler times. Or maybe not since God created me in this day and age. So, I can try to keep my soul always in peace and quiet as the opening of this chapter states – try to find joy in everything; in all the chaos and nonsense; and just get out of my own head as I am ENOUGH just like everyone is ENOUGH. We are God’s masterpieces no matter our background.

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    1. I would go back to the olden days with you! Let’s be neighbors! Funny you mention this because I think about those days often. No phones. No blogs. No internet. No power. Lives revolved around the land and family and surviving. There’s so much in getting back to nature and gleaming what we can from the simple life. I would also love a requirement for prayer and such. I need that discipline too! Thank you for commenting. You inspire me.


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