Present Over Perfect – Day 12

Today’s reading starts on page 74, Vinegar and Oil.

I love the topic of prayer! Have you ever heard of the ACTS formula? This can be especially helpful when you don’t know how to pray or get stuck in a rut praying the same things over and over.

How do you pray? Do you have any helpful input on pouring out the vinegar and oil in prayer? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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10 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 12

  1. I loved loved loved this chapter. I had not thought of prayer quite like this before. I like that we can bring all those bitter, fearful, anxious, and any other vinegary feelings up to God and then rest in Him as the oil of praise seems to flow over us. I did this today and what a wonderful prayer time! Can’t explain it but love the freedom of it. I know you mentioned some books could you list them with the author. ( I think of all you are doing and this is just one more thing. Perhaps No is the word of the day. Ha)
    I am loving this study. Thanks for all you are doing and blessings for your day!

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    1. I’m so glad you loved this chapter! Yes absolutely. The two books I mentioned are both written by Mark Batterson. The first one is called The Circle Maker and the devotional that goes along with that book is called Draw the Circle. You would absolutely LOVE these books. Brian and I both read the Circle Maker in one day because we couldn’t put it down. Thank you for reading along and I don’t mind responding one bit! That’s why we have this blog to have more discussion!

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  2. This is my favorite chapter in the book so far! I have never thought of prayer that way, but it totally makes sense. I typically take the time to pray in the car on the way to work in the morning and I also pray when I leave work. These are the times that I am alone and able to really think without interruption.

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    1. I love praying in the car too!! Then I miss my turns sooooo often, haha! Just this morning I was thinking about the chapter from today while driving and totally had to turn around because I missed 485!! It’s so funny how different chapters speak to all of us at random times. The first time I read this chapter I was drawing a blank. What could I talk about?? It was so good I almost thought well, it’s all been said lol 🙂


  3. I loved this chapter! I have struggled with prayer over the years it have found several things that work for me. One is my prayer corner….just me and God. Things I want to remember to pray for are on my bulletin board in front of me in that corner. Special scriptures, reminders, etc. Another is voicing my prayers. I guess my attention span is short but I’m easily distracted and being vocal helps me. Thank you for the amazing job you are doing with this study, Starr. I think you should be working for Proverbs 31 Ministries! Love you!

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    1. Haha, well maybe one day 🙂 thank YOU for joining with us and encouraging us all here in the comments. Seeing your name makes me smile from ear to ear!! I’m exactly like you – easily distracted. Just tonight I was trying to organize one of our closets for my blog and every time I would go to grab something, I’d get distracted and start working on something else. Brian kept asking me – aren’t you working on the closet??? Oh? Yeah!! Being vocal and writing prayers down helps me to stay on point as well. Great points!


  4. Loved this chapter!! I need reminders often to help me remember what I should be doing since I tend to get lost in filling up my jar with sand. I will admit that I struggle with prayer. I do talk with God at random times, but I fail to get down on my knees or speak put loud. In doing so, I do tend to forget what I was wanting to say. Sometimes, I honestly feel like it is a duplication of effort since He is God and He knows all. Haha. So much work life has been drilled into me.

    Another part of my struggle is that I feel like I am complianing. There is so much more bad things out in the world that I feel bad for throwing a pity party for me. Sometimes I just feel like I have to be the best me to speak to God or be in His presence. I know this is a lie from the devil, but I do find it hard to kick myself out of the awkward habbit. I will have to check out those books you mentioned!!

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    1. You’re not the only one that struggles with prayer. It’s a constant battle for me. I don’t have trouble talking to God at random times throughout the day, but I’m not the best at sitting down and being intentional with my requests. You absolutely have to get these books. I’m serious. Life. Changing. They have impacted Brian and I on so many levels and I constantly pick them back up from time to time to be inspired when it comes to prayer!


  5. I’ve been doing a lot of walking this year so I do some of my praying while walking. Some prayers go up in the car on the days that I have a long commute to work. My favorite newer practice is to write my prayers in a prayer journal. I began journaling while readin the Circle Maker but earlier this year I began to write down every name of family, friends and other loved ones, even loved ones of those I love, those who need salvation, a renewed commitment to God, healing in body, healing from addictions, healing for marriages and more. One couple whose names I wrote down over and over for months for salvation and marriage got saved and God restored their marriage after years of separation! This encouraged me to keep writing down the names until God answers my prayers. I love to hear about needs from my friends and church family in order to add them to my list! I know God answers prayers!

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    1. I agree on writing down specific prayers and names. Sometimes it can feel really redundant, but then God comes through right on time and it encourages us to keep praying for those He brings to our attention.


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