Present Over Perfect – Day 10

We’re finishing up Part 1 on page 57 today, What the Lake Teaches.

Our family didn’t really go to the lake, but we had our memories at the beach. More on that in today’s video update~!


Do you have a natural rhythm of rest and slowing down? Where are some places you’re able to get away and really drown out the busyness of life?


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5 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 10

  1. Our house is very busy and noisy. We share a space with 2 grand babies that are up early and down late. There is a lot of “racket” most of the day. I get up very early and all is still. I can have a wonderful quiet time just getting ready for the day and getting directions from God. It is like a tiny oasis for me. This seems so very important because if anything disrupts this I feel discombobultated. (my mom’s words coming back to me.Ha)
    I think it would be like high tide for me.
    Brahahahaha love the hair and you.

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    1. I love that word – discombobulated!!! Ha. I struggle with wanting to be that person that gets up before the rest of my house. Most days, I’m the one that stays up after they all go to sleep. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you find the stillness, right?? Ha. There is just something about being in the quiet and letting God speak to your soul!!

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  2. What I love about getting away, whether to a beach, lake or elsewhere is the permission to be lazy. I love to take books by my favorite authors with plans to steal away and slow down. Sometimes I just like to sit in the beach chair with my feet in the water and watch the waves or a beautiful sunset. As we look at the majesty of the ocean, sun and moon, we know that they are all directed by the mighty hand of God. We know that if He can orchestrate the dance of the skies, land and sea, that He surely knows how to guide our lives. He created us with the free will to love and serve Him. I choose Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I love the walks on the beach, early in the morning or late at night when there are no crowds. I cherish the quiet talks with my daughters about dreams and hopes for the future. The fact that we are not rushed and that we generally don’t have a schedule makes the conversations even more precious and memorable. I am grateful to God for the chance to take a few days to bask in slowing down to see his Glory!


  3. I absolutely loved this chapter. I am getting behind in my readings, so I will have to compliment you Starr for keeping up and keeping things going. My get away is the beach!!!!! Before kids, I use to love taking my books and reading on the boat while my family fished around me. Right now, because of my little guy, it is hard to do that and even playing on the beach can feel somewhat like a chore since I can’t just sit there in a chair and relax. However, I know this is just a beautiful season and it will not last forever. We actually wanted and attempted to move to the beach before life came crashing down.

    I do see what the author is saying about the natural times in which life wants us to slow down. I have actually begun to live a life without allowing time to even step outside the house and breathe the fresh air or feel the touch of the sun on my skin. I get so busy that I forget to actually enjoy anything. However, vacation seems to only be that mandatory break. It is never long enough and then sometimes I feel bored because I go from one side of being busy straight to having nothing to do – nothing required to be done. I care less about the house in how it looks because I am on vacation. I care nothing about what I eat because having donuts on vacation feels so natural. I have no work that I have to tend to and no one to answer to. It is just me, my family, God, and God’s world.

    I think the author is right about not wanting to move to the lake. Even though I wouldn’t admit that I would bring the busyness with me as I would attempt to change, I probably would and then my favorite spot would be ruined. Oh, what a challenge this chapter is – to live every day like your last, to spend it like you are on vacation – to find joy in everything as the Bible calls us to do.

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    1. You don’t need to worry one bit about being behind. Read when you can and comment when you have a chance. Don’t let this be one more thing on your list and something to make you feel guilty. Let this be a refreshing oasis for your soul. We’ll be here when you have a moment for that, promise!! I feel the same about vacation, but goodness we can dream about it never ending, right? Haha


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