Present Over Perfect – Day 8

Today’s reading begins on page 48, The Word That Changed Everything.

Quick clarification: Someone brought up a great question about our reading schedule and how that works with the blog. Is it better to read the chapter for the day before coming to visit the blog and watch the video? Yes. That is the idea. Read the chapter and then I share my takeaways in the quick video. You can comment and share your own insights if you feel so inclined. Don’t feel obligated to comment or even visit the blog if you’re overwhelmed. Make sense?

Missed any of the previous days in the study? You can view them all here:

Do you struggle with saying no? What have you done in your own life to protect your family by carefully choosing between yes and no?


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4 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 8

  1. The older I get, the easier it is to say no or to just avoid having to say no by not saying yes. Does that make sense? I have said yes too many times knowing that I would fail, or knowing that I would grudgingly assume the responsibility. Life is just too short to spend time doing anything that doesn’t glorify God and uplift you or others. I wish I had not been so naive in my younger days to think that I could fix everything for everybody, be liked by everybody, make everybody happy or be the perfect Christian, wife, mother, sister, employee, friend, teacher, manager… The list goes on. I’m good at a lot of things but not great at too many. I’ve learned to accept who I am, enjoy where I am in life, be kind and considerate of the shortcomings of others, be more patient, more compassionate, more understanding, less critical, more tolerant when people don’t do things the way I like them or the way I would have done it and either accept it or do something myself to make it better. You have to learn to let so much go… Even though letting it go is so hard. Don’t let go of your dreams, just let go of discontentment, envy, resentment, guilt, impatience, greed… Focus on God and the good things in life and the good in people. I’m rambling… Enough said tonight.

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  2. Well, I ended up saying no to my reading yesterday while I try to tackle my work, do extra laundry since my child had gotten sick the night before, and try to plan a gender reveal party this weekend.

    I have trouble saying no because I do not want to let people down in general. Also, at work, saying no is like saying that you are not capable of doing the task, you are not wanting that promotion, you don’t want to get your name out there. Well, I have come to learn that I have to be realistic because if I am not, my name will get out there for being bad and not completing things. I still need to improve in this area.

    My biggest problem is saying no to the crazy Pam. I am caught between plan the schedule and you are not guaranteed tomorrow. So, I am constantly worried I will miss out on something. I want to experience life so much that in everything I do, I have to be in the details and see the big picture. Essentially, at work, I put myself at so many different levels trying to fix other groups’ problems and enabling them to rely on me to do their work for them. I am an enabler. Even with school, I signed up to be a helper because I didn’t want to be the room parent. I mean, I did, but I knew the hours that would be involved would be large. However, the teacher did not have anyone to volunteer for that role and I was naturally asked because she knew I would do it. In that one moment I struggled with what to say. I felt my body urging me to say no, but a natural yes came out. The voice was saying you got this. You can fit it in. Once again, it was me being wishful. See, I guess being positive and hopeful may set me up for some failures because in that, being realistic is not a strong factor.

    I need to say no to me, to watching TV, to playing on my phone, to being wrapped up in so much useless stuff that I feel drained and tired and so lonely. This will be the greatest challenge because the drugs have a fast hold on me. Luckily I do not actually do drugs because if I did, I would be the junkie on the streets that can’t say no. I bet I would be the one stealing money just to get more. That is how addicted to my “drugs” I am. So, learning to say no does need to happen so I can yes to watch truly matters.

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    1. You said exactly what I feel most days. I’m wrapped up in so many useless things / I feel tired and lonely and drained. YES!! I would be your side junkie if we did drugs. And I’ve been there with the room mom thing. It’s so hard when no one steps up. You feel obligated to help because you KNOW you can do it. But you really can’t. And you’ll be miserable. I’ve been there friend. Story of my life. Saying yes when I know I should say no. Sometimes I think God jerks me out of situations because I can’t be trusted to say no. I had a friend that worked at 91.9 tell me God shut down the station because she would have NEVER quit. So He showed her. We’re learning, girl. One day at a time.


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