Present Over Perfect – Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of our Present Over Perfect Book Club! Today we’re starting on page 43, You Put Up The Chairs.

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Question for the day: Do you feel stuck? What simple thing can you change right now to live a more fulfilled and connected life? Do you need to take down a few chairs?


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6 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 7

  1. Love! Sometimes I think “I’m stuck” may also mean “I’m not content”, sometimes it seems those are the best places of learning patience and learning strengths we may have not recognized in different areas. Learning maybe “that thing” whatever it may be isn’t the best, or like you said bigger may not always be better, or maybe this is a time to learn how to manage something that’s in the future later but learn to be content with what’s going in the now and truly hear Gods voice in the situation and find that connection with him and others in a “I’m stuck” place, hope all of this makes sense-lol!!
    Love this book Starr!

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    1. Yes friend! Great perspective. I’m in a season of waiting that’s lasted several years. Part of that has been God teaching me some incredibly valuable lessons in being content with what I have. It’s also been about simplifying. Those are great points. Great input on what to do while you feel stuck! There’s always a reason God has you there if we’re seeking Him and following His lead over our own wants and desires. So glad you’re reading along and thanks for commenting!


  2. I have been in seasons of life a lot longer that I’d like to be but those are some of the times that I’ve learned to lean on God because all my own attempts to fix things fail. It would have been a lot easier to let God handle it first but I tend to be stubborn or impatient at times. I’m so glad that God waits patiently for me to discover that His way is the only way that I will achieve peace and contentment. I’m amazed at how I set my own limits because I don’t have enough faith to let God show me what all is awaiting me when I become obedient to Him. I long and pray for a deeper walk with Him so that I recognize His will long before I make a mess of things!

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  3. Yes!! I put up the chairs!! I have the American dream built into me by Corporate America – more is more; need to climb that ladder; need to attend all of those conferences and network; need to complete a certification; now with the times, I might need to consider a masters degree to keep up; etc. One of my old directors told my team that if you are not seeking advancement, then you are basically not a good worker. How scary is that?? Basically, if you are happy where you are, then you are seen as a medyoaker worker that will not amount to much. However, I believe God is trying to tell me something. For months now, whenever I looked at the clock in the morning or night, it happened to be 9:11. I kept seeing it so much that I looked up verse after verse just to see if it was a reference. It almost feels like a warning, an urgency for me to wake up and realize what is important before it is too late. Sometimes, I think it also was a future reference to my hubby’s condition.

    I tell my son, just about everyday, but especially when he is upset or mad, that he gets to decide what kind of day he is going to have. He can either spend it mad or crying or he can decide to enjoy it and make the most of it. I laugh at this because I have become the “do as I say, but not as I do parent.” Let me tell you that this person I am is not me. I am always the positive one, the one with the glass half full, the one whose husband thinks I am sticking up for the other driver he is yelling at because I am stating that we should consider what that person may be going through with being in such a hurry and riding our tails like that. However, something has seemed to have snapped inside me; my flame is down to the smallest ember and I feel drained. I usually don’t talk about it because I do not like the feeling of complaining or the potential judgment of being negative but here I am writing it and spilling my soul out there. I know the way up from here is to pick myself up, open the Bible again, and continue to get down on my knees in prayer. I know I cannot do this alone, but I am sitting at the bottom of the pool again, just waiting for that magical and effortless lift to the top of the water.

    In order to change, I do have to take down some chairs. I laughed this morning because as soon as I turned on my computer, I immediately turned my communicator status to busy. Why am I already that busy? I just turned on my computer. Instead, I needed to breathe, needed to keep my status as available, needed to stay calm so those around me are calm. See, I believe people can react / feed off of the vibe you give. Personally, I can only take negativity in small doses because I seem to have a problem with trying to adapt to what is around me. I do have a safety net level built inside me as I have always been known as a goody-two-shoes since I do not want to break the rules, but still, others around me can affect my mood swings.

    Sometimes I do feel stuck like I have already gone down one path for so long that it is too late to turn back. Most of my “stucks” are usually experienced when I am in a funk, a weird mood swing, which I didn’t seem to have as much before I had children. Not sure if there is a medical thing there, but I know God does not give us more than we can handle. Since He hasn’t taken me yet, I realize the fight isn’t over yet. However, I have got to find the way to stop surviving each day and turn it into living each day.

    Before my husband’s condition, he took down a large chair. See, around his 16th birthday, his dad ended up walking out on him, his brother, and his mom never to be seen or heard from again. He walked into life with another woman and child. He declared bankruptcy so he didnt have to pay child support, but of course won the lottery years after. What kind of irony is that in life?!?! 🙂 I know, I know…maybe a fresh start for him. Anyway, a few months back however, his dad was in town due to a funeral. Well, we went to go pay our respects and to see if we could finally see him as we never knew where he lived or how to contact him. My hubby wrote him a letter stating that he forgave him and that he would like to have a relationship if he was willing to take that step too. When we went to the funeral, we saw him and stopped dead in our tracks. We could tell right away he was sick. To me, he might have a year left since he looks exactly how my uncle did when he came down with mesothelioma from working on the Navy ships, which was the same job as my hubby’s dad. We had no idea. Well, my hubby took a giant chair down. No, his dad had not contacted us yet, but I pray he does so. My hubby does go through periods of a second rejection, but I keep telling him how proud I am of him and how it felt like that was exactly what God wanted him to do before it was too late. He got out of a situation that for years, made him feel stuck.

    He took the step forward that was needed to take down the chair in his path. I need to do this with my own life so that I can climb out of my hole and take a step forward again on the path to my eternal home.

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    1. I no idea about the story of your father in law. Yes, he took that first step and I believe God will honor him for that obedience. I know what you mean about not being the person you once were. I find myself snapping at my kids too often or thinking about how much they drive me crazy on long days. The same kids I prayed for and love so much. But make me pull my hair out!!!! Many times the frustration doesn’t as much come from their behavior as it does my reactions because I’m too tired and over committed. I want to live instead of survive, too! I have so many friends in the same boat as you and I. We aren’t alone. God is leaving us clues along the way, warnings to be careful. I believe He is truly priming us for what is ahead.


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