Present Over Perfect – Day 5

We’re on day 5 – Running Laps, page 34.

In today’s video: a clean pantry doesn’t equal happiness, cell phones are like drugs and movies with your sister instead of exercise counts as rest!


How have you REALLY rested lately? What is most tempting for you when you fake-rest?


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5 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 5

  1. Oh, running laps. I wish I could lose weight with all laps I run around in life (i.e. errands) and in my head. I can definitely see the author’s view about questioning why being organized woud bring happiness. I think it honestly depends on the person though. It seems as if she over compensates for not being home by cleaning her home so she feels like she has really been there. For me, I over compensate for working so much or being so busy by buying my children toys. That leads to having to clean more things and my kids begging for toys when we go into stores. For me, cleaning does bring a quick fix happiness. I can literally feel myself cramp up when the house gets completely out of hand. When things are in there place and clean, I can feel much calmer. However, to keep up with this task, I am always fake resting with going around cleaning. Growing up, my parents didn’t have to tell me to clean my room at all once I was past 6 or so. When I cleaned, I would move furniture, vaccum everything, and even wash the walls and windows. Oh, how wonderful I slept that night with a fresh, clean room, in freshly washed sheets. That instant gradification of feeling like I got something done. I even remember that while playing legos when I was young, I would pretend to clean and organize each room of the lego house after my lego person woke up. Haha. This memory literally makes me smile at myself. What a dream – wake up and clean. Maybe I wanted to be a homemaker; no idea. When my parents went out of time on occasion, I wouldn’t party; I would organize and clean while they were gone. That was my rebellion stage since they didn’t like me throwing stuff out. 🙂

    Well, fast forward to a husband, two children, and a demanding job. I would love to keep up the cleanliness, model like house, but something has to give. If I want to actually be able to spend time with my family and friends, I had to stop always doing the fake resting. Now, my son automatically asks who is coming over when I start to clean. 🙂

    I do believe the drug reference is real. Anyone can make a drug out of anything. It is so easy to get lost in this world and to have our focus taken off what truly matters. For me that is cleaning, watching TV, organizing, running errands etc. I am so busy doing the small, mindless task stuff because I am burnt out with using my brain during the day at work. I get burnt out on worrying throughout the day thinking about this and that and what I have left to do. I want to stop running fake laps and take real ones with my son as we practice soccer. I want to get out in the fresh air because being stuck inside, under florescent light, is not giving me the correct vitamins my body needs. I am turning toward the darkness instead of the sun like I should be. I’ve been running laps with making calls to doctors and researching scary things on the internet just to try to find someone who seems to really want to help and that has time to help. It is time to finish this fake race. Drugs do isolate you.

    I absolutely dislike anything to do with funerals or graveyards. However, I like to look as we drive by as a reminder that right there, in the ground, is the finish line. That could be tonorrow, or the next day, or 60 years from now. However, I have already wasted so many minutes on this Earth by not truly living in the present. So, the clock is ticking. For fun, one day I went on a website that was being advertised as one that will tell you when you would die. I know this site does not truly know. However, what it did for me was put a realistic picture in my head. Once I gave the site the info it requested, it gave me the date and instantly started counting down the seconds from that date. Wow. That clock was moving fast. As I watch my children grow up, I can feel that blink of time. So, I pray that I and everyone else can stop running the fake laps and can help find our true calling before it is too late; before we are the ones laying in that ground, in a dirty box that cannot be cleaned; nothing to organize since you can’t take possession with you; where size, makeup, and clothes do not matter because all bodies turn to bone and evenually dust, but what does matter is the inside – the heart and soul.

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    1. You amaze me with your insights, Pam. And I cannot stop laughing at your Lego people waking up to clean. I had 100 Barbie dolls and they didn’t clean at all. The made messes all over the house and drove their cars in the hallways. Hahahah!!! We are all wired the way we are for a reason. But we each struggle with the racing around for nothing. In the past several days I’ve been thinking about every little activity I do. Is this rest? Is this fake rest? Is this connecting? Am I distracted? Am I picking up my phone to be a drug? This book has me thinking differently. Lord, thank You for opening our eyes in so many different ways and on so many different levels!!

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  2. So I was the one working 50-60 hours a week, spending another 10-12 hours commuting, leaving little time for family and life! My role at work changed late last year and so when it came time for us to set goals at work early in the year, I decided to set some very specific personal goals for my own health, both physical and mental. On January 31st, I got a Fitbit to motivate me and to give me a way to set specific daily goals to walk and exercise. Instead of going to work whenever I arrived at the office earlier than my start time, I decided to walk until it was my official start time. For years I ate my lunch at my desk while checking e-mails – I guess you can call that a fake lunch break! In February I began walking during my lunch break. There have been very few days since then that I haven’t walked during my lunch break. In the evenings, after dinner, Joy and I would walk in the neighborhood and catch up on our day. When it got too hot to walk in the summer, I just started making circles through the kitchen , living room and dining room until I reached my 5 mile daily goal. I can still “watch” evening tv while getting my steps in. My husband loves it because when he doesn’t want to get up to get something, he asks if I need any more steps for the day. I’m really finding that even with the extra time spent walking, I’m still having enough energy to get other things done. When I stop for the evening, I feel good and tired, and I feel like I’m investing in me. In April I was blessed to begin working from home 3 days a week. This gives me about 6 hours back that I would have lost to a daily commute. God has provided in ways that amaze me. I feel like I have a new lease on life. God has given me a desire and the means to have a more balanced life and for that I am so grateful! Some of the things I stressed over when I was younger just don’t seem to matter as much any more.

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    1. Mom, I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of the changes you have made this past year. I prayed long and hard for this journey for you. I watched up close as you worked those long hours and sacrificed so much for our family. I knew there was more and I knew you deserved to enjoy life. God has been so good. Even in the midst of changes that didn’t seem positive, God was moving you to a new place and a new season. You have been such an example to me of what this book is teaching. I’m thankful for you and that you’re leading me in this journey to slow down and focus on what really matters. Love you!


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