8 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 4

  1. You know about my clutter. You know about my spending too much time at work when not really necessary now because I want to be sure I am appearing to be a hard worker. POEPLE PLEASER. I am just going through motions at home. I love the part about “tasting” my life again. Wow. Boy do I want that. My son is growing up. I have been withdrawn from my family because of sheer exhaustion more than I really want to admit. I am determined to make this change. To be present. I love this book. It hits my needs and life like a nail on the head!

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  2. “Stuffed” is a great chapter to be on for me right now. Starr, I like how you referenced the unchecked sentence as I see that as a powerful sentence. However, what I also feel is that God gives us our God given talents and desires. Yes, we can get side tracked with comparing ourselves to others and think we want other things, but God has a way of letting His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. For that, I am so thankful. For instance, Starr, you mentioned that you keep having stuff to organize even after you purge. Well, what if God keeps giving you that stuff to organize as a way to connect with other people and a way to make a living by selling books or advertising blogs regarding organizing and also because you donate what you do not use or need? It might seem like an endless supply to you up close, but what God sees is much bigger. Now for me, I prefer not to have so much out because it just makes cleaning that much harder and longer. However, I would take your house Starr and your decorations and stuff over mine any day. I love how much space you have and your decorations. 🙂 I just prefer less because I grew up with my mom holding onto her mom’s things in which I had to dust around. Don’t get me wrong in that I feel we can keep one or two tokens to remember someone by, but for me, the stuff isn’t them. My aunt is and my grandpa was actually borderline hoarders in my opinion. My grandma would keep my grandpa in check when she was alive. However, once she passed, the stuff helped fill the void for my grandpa. I mean, at one point he owned 30 racing tires. I don’t know where he got this stuff. 🙂 I do love organizing and sometimes I like having a mess to clean up. It keeps me busy so I don’t have to think.

    For me, stuffed is that science project “Life Jar” where you try to see how much stuff you can fit into a jar. You want to first pack the jar full of rocks to represent the big things in life (i.e. family, friends, health, fullfilling hopes and dreams, God). Then, you can add small pebbles to represent the other things in yout life that give it meaning (i.e. hobbies, job, house). Then, you can fill the cracks in with sand and water to represent the small stuff that fills our time (i.e. watching TV or running errands). I feel that my life jar is stuffed. I just started with the wrong thing; I started with the small pebbles and sand and water, which doesn’t leave room for the big things. My jar is stuffed. So, if I was to keep things in check, I would want to limit percentages of my time so that the majority is spent on the big rocks. Haha. Now I am picturing spreadsheets with a 24 hour day and trying to figure out how to get all of it crammed in there. I can see myself jumping up and down on the lid only to find it won’t shut because there are two many things. Well, to fix that, I cheat. I grab a second jar to put on top and tape the two together. Now, I can fit more than 24 hours worth of things in one day similar to how my short weekend requires 10 suitcases.

    I have no idea why I feel like I should be able to do this all. Why can’t our life be like the fairytales where the girl is wisked away by a prince where she is taken to a castle, doesn’t have to work, and is assumed to be spoiled and loved by her prince? Well, I guess that is why the movies always stop at the two walking away because once they reach that castle, the prince has to say I don’t have time for you because someone has to make the money or we will get kicked out of it by the bank.

    This leads me to that question asked in the book – about having endless time and money. This question literally makes me mad. There is no such way to get endless time and a full account unless I played and won the lottery. However, still, it would run out one day. If I could honestly do anything, I wouldn’t be in a corporate job. I would be doing something useful such as volunteering or leading a ministery. I could just swoop right in with all of my money and time and help give people hope, one by one, by paying their bills or fixing this or that. I would help with fundraisers, which I really enjoyed doing, but it requires a full working wee, which is why I had to stop. I would have a place at the beach that I could travel to and offer to people who could not afford a family vacation. I would open my own wedding venue and offer weddings to those who canot afford them. So many endless possibilities. Fast forward to the real world….well, money is required to move out of your parents house. Oh…how fast I wanted to grow up and move out and how fast I would love just to go back so I could restart my life without the responsibility piece.

    Well, what if God wanted me to be in the corporate world? See, I feel that He has a place and purpose for each of us. We can’t all be writers, singers, artists, etc. since everyone needs to hear His message and the audience may not all be reached if we were all in the same profession. Yes, secretly, I wish he could have made me a writer to spread His words a thousand times faster. However, maybe there is a single person whom I am suppose to cross paths with that doesn’t like reading books. It is hard to focus on my “job” while other jobs seem to be more meaniful and fun. I have always heard that you should find a job that you like to do. Well, it takes money or talent to do that in my case. Maybe God will send me a check from an uncle I never met?!?! 🙂 My prior boss took a year off from the corporate world to travel the world. She always used the word “amazing” when describing her day even before she traveled. Yes, that took money, which she had. However, that also took courage and if faced with that, I would pray that I would do it if it is God’s will.

    My prior boss loves the Dalai Lama. One quote that he is famous for is his answer for the question around what surprised him the most abut humanity, which is: “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

    This statement is so powerful. I don’t want to be stuffed with things that will prevent me from ever truly living. I want to have just enough that I don’t feel that I need a nap to sleep off the fullness, but so I am also not hungry for dessert shortly thereafter. I want to have eaten something healthy so that I don’t stress myself with feeling fat afterwards. I need to fill my life jar with God first so that I get stuffed with all that I can handle (nothing more).

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    1. So, did you realize you are my minimalist friend I referenced in the video??? Lol. Funny you mention my stuff and God using that. I’m actually working on figuring out my own business and it actually does involve all my stuff!!! I have to laugh. The very thing that has tripped me up most could be what God uses to help others and further me in my calling 🙂 also I didn’t think 30 tires sounded all that bad!!! I love your input here. Keep giving us perspective. You might need to lead our next study 🙂


  3. Wow! A lot of great “stuff” here! Pam, I’m with you! I love Starr and all her stuff, how she makes anything look good on her house, putting things together that I would never think “matched”. When she took everything off the walls and cleaned out her decorative clutter, it just didn’t reflect the Starr I know and love. God made us different and unique for many reasons. It is hard to embrace who we and fully appreciate the place we are in, someone always seems to have it better than we do. I try my best to be content in my present circumstances but that doesn’t mean that I stop trying to be better and get to a better place. God gives us hopes and dreams, and the wisdom and energy to get there. It just usually isn’t fast enough for us. Breathe deep, smile big and hold on… The journey is rewarding and God gives us much more than we ever deserve.

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    1. You and Aunt Debra did not help when I took all my stuff down. Here I was trying to be minimalistic for once in my life and y’all were telling me to put it back!!! Ha. Yes, embrace who we are while also letting God guide us and keep us in check so that too much of a good thing doesn’t take us down.


  4. Haha…too bad this site only allows comments and not pictures or I might would need to add the suitcase photo here. 🙂 Lukily, I have no photo evidence of all of my suitcases. P.S. I wasn’t really sure if you were talking about my house since you have only really came when I was selling. Lol. So, of course I had to keep it minimal as the professionals say. However, if I could love in a model home all the time, I would. 🙂

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