Present Over Perfect – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3, and happy Saturday to you!

We start Part 1 of the book today and begin on page 23, Sea-Change.

I’ve had several of my own sea-changes in life, how about you?


When have you experienced a sea-change? Are you in the middle of a sea-change now? You’re in good company. I’d love to hear your thoughts on part 1 today in the comments below.


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9 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 3

  1. I am in the middle of a Sea Change right now. We have been thrown overboard and my husband and I are searching and praying to find God’s will in all of this. There have been a great deal of good come from this Sea Change already. 1st is that both my husband and I are leaning on God more than we ever have. We are getting to know Him more personally. We are watching what God is doing in our lives and the lives of our children.
    There are also some very scary things to face ahead, but we are pressing on knowing that God has always been in control.

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    1. I love when you said that part about leaning on God more as the result of a sea change. Isn’t that so true? As I look back at my own seasons those were the times I was always closest to Him. I’ve wondered so many times if these changes come our way just to draw us closer and increase our faith. Yes, it is still scary and hard – but God. But God. He’s in control!!!

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  2. I can think of so many sea changes in my life. One significant change was the divorce of my parents just a couple of years after I was married. I didn’t see that one coming and my life took a turn that I would have never imagined. Another was when after about 19 years of marriage, my husband left his job as a high school band director to pastor a church full time. One change that brought such delight into our lives was the birth of our second daughter, after 25 years of marriage. God knew that we would need Joy in our lives. Leaving our first pastorate and starting our second church was a hard time, but God is a merciful Father. A 20 year career in my current job took me places I never would have been able to handle without God’s grace. Now I’m close to retirement and enjoying grandchildren. There is still much to do and I pray daily for wisdom and direction for my choices in my daily journey. God is good, all the time.

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    1. Yes, I’m thankful for so many of these sea-changes our family has been through. It has truly made us who we are today. God is good and so faithful to bring us through.


  3. For me, I feel that a sea change isn’t necessarily a change in direction or path, but it also could be how you navigate through the storms. It is also those path changes that you didn’t realize were the beginning of a slight turn, a push of the wind to get the ship on course. For me, the wind pushing was when I almost drowned when I was little. I honestly haven’t talked much about it because for one, I don’t want my parents to feel like they failed me during this instance, and two, the experience was so unique that sometimes I feel like I made it up in my mind. This all occurred when my sister, a friend, and I were reaching for floats in the pool just to throw them back in. It was during the super bowl party time, so it was chilly outside and dark. While reaching for a float, I fell in. I couldn’t swim and although I tried desperately to paddle my way back to the surface, I sank and sat on the bottom. That was when I could see myself sitting at the bottom of the middle of the pool, like I was outside my body. All of a sudden, I started swimming toward the surface, effortlessly as if I had practice swimming before and I could see myself rising to the surface as if there was light. Then, I automatically surfaced close to my sister’s hand where she could reach me and pull me in. See, she couldn’t swim that well just yet nor our friend and there were no parents with us. I was so frightened that we used the hair dryer to dry my clothes so our parents wouldn’t find out. I honestly feel that was the first step toward my walk to Christ.

    I only had one real friend growing up, Kristen. She has been my best friend since pre-school. Well, her parents were religious while mine, well, we will just call it luke warm. Luckily, that experience and the strategic placement in a location where I would meet Kristen, is how I became baptized, another sea changer. I remember that tug on my heart when the Pastor called those to the front. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t even really know what it meant. However, it felt so right when I did it. It is like my manual is naturally built in. When I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, I feel great. When I am stubborn and feel like I can forgot God has always been the King of the world, I fill my body getting sicker, weaker, and restless.

    The author talks about looking in a million places for that peaceful place; that purposeful place while all along, she found it inside. Well, I have had sea changes where I went to search for it. Sure, the level of pain got bad where I felt like I didn’t want to handle a job. However, once I found a new one, it didn’t take long to say “What have I done? Why did I do that?” Then, I started looking for another opportunity where I thought the new job would not have that problem. Well, surprise surprise. I can seem to find fault in any job. Not sure if it is because I am finding the same type of jobs or if it is just the high; the feeling of freedom when you give the notice and know there is something better coming. At the end, it is really just me. A job will always be a job. I need to learn to appreciate it more as not everyone has a job. Not everyone has a job where they can work from home 100%. However, being in a corporate job is hard or any job for that matter, as I always feel a push, a need to get better, to get to that next level.

    However, these sea changes allowed a bigger sea change to occur – my hubby became a stay at home daddy. I started thinking, well, with him home, I won’t have to worry about rushing out the door to pick up our children or drop them off. I won’t have to worry about the cooking or cleaning or going to the grocery store. I could have more time to read the Bible and work out. Well, did any of those things happen? No!! Well, the last two parts didn’t anyway as I became scared to not spend the 60 or more hours a week in my job to prove that I am actually working from home. I can’t bare to stand the thought of not having any income since I am the sole provider now. My hubby was going to be able to spend more time with our children and get out of a dangerous job where people got hurt and one even was killed on a construction site. See, with our second child, we felt like God was giving us extra time with Blake. The day we went to find out what we were having, we also found out that we might not be able to bring him home. It became a waiting game and battle of the mind. I would try to determine if I should plan for the nursery or plan for a funeral. However, I decided that whatever God had in store, it would be the right path. So, I went with the nursery and decided to ask everyone for prayers that God had that in store for us too. So, here we are. All of us at home together and having wonderful family time. With the new job and remote option, we decided to take a chance and put our home on the market to move to the beach. It was another scary, but exciting thought / dream. Then, BAM!! My husband gets ill out of no where.

    I know we prayed for obvious signs about moving. So, I am not sure if this is part of the plan or what. My husband can no longer run or rough house with the boys. He can no longer make love to his wife. He can barely walk and putting on clothes makes symptoms worse. He cannot even urinate normally. He was brought to his knees. We have been in and out of doctor appointments trying different things, different procedures, and different medicines. It has been over a month and still no answers. And the bills just keep rolling on in. We see no end in sight yet. Throughout the days, we question God with why. We keep trying to keep hope that we will learn whatever lesson there maybe in this so we can move forward. We laugh and cry together. Our oldest son even knows a difference and says that daddy can’t be fun anymore when he was wanting to rough house. Although we don’t understand now, maybe God gave us another mountain so we can show people that mountains can be moved, just as we did with baby Blake.

    One of our friend’s baby passed away at 18 months with the same disease that Blake had. We don’t know why our child made it, but theirs didnt. All we know is to hang onto our faith to keep sailing. I don’t want to miss out on life or watch it pass me by because I am too tired, too scared, too depressed. I would like to sail my ship until it reaches land – Isle of Pam, not the crazy me, but the true me. 🙂

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    1. Pam, thank you for sharing so honestly in this space with all that you’re facing. I believe God has you in the palm of His hand / even though you may feel like it is Isle of Pam 🙂 I’m lifting up your family in prayer. I’m asking God to reveal Himself to you in ways that you’ve never seen. I’m asking for healing and restoration. I’m asking for answers and guidance. You are loved and you’ve got a friend surrounding you now. Love you, friend.


    1. I resent! The company that manages my alerts said today they changed over a server. Some people have not gotten any, some in junk and some none today. What a mess!! Thank y’all for your patience!!


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