Present Over Perfect – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of our new book club on Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist.

I’m so excited you’re here!

Today I’m a little nervous because I’m trying something new….

A video blog – or vlog as the cool people call it.

Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, pulling up the news for the day, or maybe driving to the office – here’s my sleepy face to make you smile 🙂


Me too, friends! Me. Too.

We’re in this together.

Have any questions? You can comment below or respond directly to the email/alert you received this morning. Also, the book club schedule will be included at the bottom of each day’s post to keep you on track.

I’ll see you tomorrow!


>Present Over Perfect Book Club Schedule <

12 thoughts on “Present Over Perfect – Day 1

  1. Whoo Whooo, Day 1 of my very first Book Club! Awesome. Thanks so much for doing this. I know it takes a lot of work and just stick- to -it -ness (not sure that’s a word in anyone else’s voc.) I look forward to each day. Thanks again.

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    1. Thank you, Maggie! Yes, real life here and the stick-to-it-ness is hard some days. Ha! I love that new word! I’m just realizing that the meaning of this book is to not worry about the details and trying to portray a perfect image. Honestly, I sat down to do that video and my first thought was to get up and clean up. Whaaaaaaattt Starr??? What is this book? What is the message???? Nope. I went with it. And know that I’m not alone. So glad you’re here, friend!

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  2. You are soooo amazing and I am thankful you are doing this! You know me – i really, really, REALLY need to slow down and know in my heart of hearts that it’s okay to say NO!

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    1. I’m right there with you. I know it but my actions don’t line up always and I have these after the fact realizations of how I should have said no. I want to learn when to say no upfront and yes when it’s ok. And also, I’m incredibly giddy that you’re reading this book with us!!!


  3. I love the book so far, I read a little more today than I had planned! Yep, I should have been cleaning or other busy stuff but I just curled my feet up and read for a little while! Glad to be part of the club!

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    1. Thank you for coming along on every single book we read. I’m always encouraged by your comments. Love you! And ohhh I’m so proud of the way you’ve already slowed down your life in the last year. I’ve prayed for this for a long time. 🙌🏻🙌🏻


  4. I am so glad I joined the book club. The title honestly says it all to me. This Foreword surprised me. I always felt that I was the only one who looked forward to having people over and then that day, everything goes wrong and I loose the excitment that I once had. The devil is clever that way I guess since it always made me feel like a bad person / hostess. That is not how I would want to revive Christ. I love so much to bond and share time with friends and family, but I usually drain myself out way before the end of the day. The part that I most connected with is the “numbing out in front of the TV.” The words used were not laying out or sitting in front of, but instead, it is numbing. This is so real for me as I drive myself crazy with all there can be done. I am not just talking about physically being busy, but I am also talking about my thoughts which are zooming around my brain 186,282 miles in one second similar to how fast light travels. The constant nagging, worry, questioning. The numbing part is like a quick fix, a drug, to help me forget my worries, oh if for just a few minutes in between commercials if I did not DVR the show. The numbing piece can feel more like being “stressed paralyzed” as used in the movie “Mom’s Night Out.” I love to hidr in the best cleaned room where I am able to feel more calm and relaxed. According to a medical article, “Often living with anxiety is like living without the ability to live for yourself.” Wow. Just wow!! So, now I am making myself go crazy and somehow kicking myself to the curb so crazy Pam can take over and not live a life that Jesus created for me. Yes, I am crazy because I am referring to myself in third person. This is just an example of how my brain works. This is probably why the Foreword then states “an open-armed invitation to welcome the people we love, and EVEN OURSELVES, back into our lives.” I have somehow pushed myself out to make room for a horrible, tired, stressed person that I cannot even face in the mirror sometimes. I have no idea why I am so hard on myself and no idea why I would want to be this way. It use to not be this way. So, I am looking forward to climbing back onto the mountain and pushing my worse half off so I can be present again and king of my mountain, my body, my spirit, my life while the true King shows me my path.

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    1. Ohhhh Pam!!! Your words tonight brought tears. Yes, friend. You are sooo not alone in this. I’m the same way EVERY single time we have people over. It’s crazy. It’s got to stop. Nonsense. You won’t have to climb this mountain by yourself. You’ve got a lot of hot messes right beside you that are ready to be present. Thank you for these beautiful words tonight.


  5. I’m with Pam. Took the words right out of my head. Thank you for sharing. Tears here too. Starr, love the Vlog and Love you! I am so bad at being present. Gotta change. Thanks so much for giving of your time and presence with us! I am so encouraged already by this book. G


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