Day 38: Climb the Watchtower

Today’s Reading:
Day 38 / Climb the Watchtower (pages 209-214)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“We need to find a place where we are free from distraction, where we get good reception, where we can focus, and where our faith is strong.”

I do believe that where we pray is significant.

Although, we can certainly pray anywhere, anytime. But, there are moments when God wants us to purposefully and intentionally get alone with Him. Just like Jesus in the Garden, we need time in the presence of the Lord away from everything that pulls and tugs at us in this world.

Sometimes that might look like a long walk. Sometimes that might look like a war room in your closet. Sometimes that might look like time at the altar. Sometimes it might be the most unexpected place you’d ever imagine.

God will speak to us and nudge us if we’re listening. He gives wisdom and answers to those that ask.

Finding time alone with God may be one of the most difficult things I’ll ever be able to do on a consistent basis. But I know that it will absolutely be the MOST worthwhile and beneficial thing I could ever do for my future and my family.

There’s nothing else this world can offer to take the place of spending time with God.

Our 40 days is about to come to an end, but I pray that we will all continue to seek His face like never before. I pray that we keep circling. I pray that we keep encouraging. I pray that we are changed for the better and know the true power of prayer.

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