Day 36: Senior Partner

Today’s Reading:
Day 36 / Senior Partner (pages 199-203)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“A man can eat only one meal at a time, wear only one suit of clothes at a time, drive only one car at a time. All this I have. Isn’t that enough?”

Talk about hitting me in the face!!!

God has ABSOLUTELY been dealing with me about LESS this year. Less clutter. Less excess. Less is more.

And this quote literally jumped off the page at me.

I have more than I’ll ever need stuffed in this house. It’s suffocating our family and our faith. God wants to do SOOOO much more in and through us. And I’m ready to change the course of history for my children. I’m ready to give like we’ve never given before. I’m ready to make giving such a normal part of our everyday lives.

I’m throwing the gimme gimme gimme mentality right out the window!!

My dad has always said that same quote we read today – You can’t out give God!!

I truly believe this. Give it away and God will always send it back – multiplied. I’ve seen it happen too many times. God can manage our giving and finances better than we ever can.

I want open hands that give and children that see parents living out the example of generosity.

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