Day 33: Prayer Covering

Today’s Reading:
Day 33 / Prayer Covering (pages 182-187)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“No victory has ever been won apart from prayer and praise.”

Just think on those words again.


We all want victory in our lives, in our homes, in our families.

But, do we offer the prayer and praise?

That question hits hard for me.

Prayer and praise is easy on Sunday morning.

It’s hard on Monday morning when everyday life happens.

Prayer and praise is easy when the musicians are playing and the leaders are singing.

It’s hard when you’re in the middle of a temptation.

God, let my life reflect prayer and praise – in the easy times, in the hard times.

Lead me to others – for me to intercede on behalf of and for them to intercede for me.

If you’re in one of those hard places, be encouraged. He promised in the Bible that joy comes in the morning.

Weeping may tarry for the night,
but joy comes with the morning. – Psalm 30:5b

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3 thoughts on “Day 33: Prayer Covering

  1. This has been a super hard season in my life. You hit the nail on the head, praise and prayer are easy at church but much harder with real life. My small prayers to the to Lord show Himself to me. I praise him for even the smallest things. I want to be a light shown for God, even if I am not in the headlines 🙂 I can hold up someone’s arms and be the footnotes! Lord use me how you will. I am available!

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    1. I think we all struggle with the prayer and praise when we are in the busyness of life. I’m praying that God continues to lead you wherever He wants you to go!!


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