Day 29: A New Prayer

Today’s Reading:
Day 29 / A New Prayer (pages 160-164)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“But once the routine becomes routine, we need to change the routine.”

This jumped off the page for me tonight.

If you’re doing this prayer challenge for the first time, you’re likely creating a new routine for prayer in your life! That’s fantastic!!

As someone who did that over a year ago, I’m begging you to do this challenge again. You will learn new routines. You will read things you don’t remember seeing.

You will have a different perspective, I promise!

Isn’t that so cool? I love how God can use something and make it brand new in our lives. He can speak to us in the season we are in and teach us new things.

This time around I have a war room. This time around I’m keeping a prayer planner, yeah, that’s a little weird – my planner turned prayer journal!! These new routines for me have been easy. They’ve been doable. They’ve been uplifting – and that’s exactly what I’ve needed in this season of little sleep, lots of sickness and long days.

Other seasons and routines may not be as easy. I believe God wants both for us. There is a time to be challenged and stretched. But, there is also a time to rest and heal.

Wherever you are today, friend – know that God is moving. He has not forgotten your heart’s desire. He honors your prayers. He honors your discipline to pray. He honors your circles.

Don’t ever be afraid to try a new routine with God. He loves adventure 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Day 29: A New Prayer

  1. My response tonight even before reading your first few lines was going to be, “Did someone switch out my book for a different one? I don’t remember reading some of this last time.”

    The thing that stepped on my toes was the point of, would you only communicate with your spouse through Hallmark cards? Of course I wouldn’t. That would get too expensive. 🙂 Then why do we do that with God a lot of times by using someone else’s words of the lyrics they wrote in a song. We are just repeating someone else’s words to God when we should be worshipping Him. Help me Lord to worship you in my own ways, not someone else’s.


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