Day 26: Game with Minutes

Today’s Reading:
Day 26 / Game with Minutes (pages 144-149)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“The key to praying without ceasing is turning everything into a prayer. It usually starts with the big things like problems and dreams. Then it graduates to little things like chores and routines. And eventually, your entire life becomes a continuous prayer.”

This is another day where I could have quoted almost the entire chapter as my ah-ha. THIS chapter is one of my favorites in the entire book.

If I could just get this ONE THING – continual prayer; my life would be forever changed.

I want that life.

I want my family to experience a life like this.

I want people to see something totally different about me and I want to point them straight to Jesus!!

This quote right here might be one of my very favorite quotes in the entire book:

“If you want God to do something new in your life, you cannot keep doing the same old thing.”


God, I don’t want the same old thing. I want a fresh anointing over my life. I want a fresh experience with You every single morning. I want to see the impossible every single day through You!

How about you? What was your biggest takeaway from this chapter? What is something you want to try differently?

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4 thoughts on “Day 26: Game with Minutes

  1. Isn’t this the whole point behind the challenge? Boy, the devil is attacking…. My time! It has never taken so oh my goodness to put my kids to bed- over an hour, and it is eating into my prayer time and I am falling asleep in the middle. Lord forgive me!! Praying through out the day will help me with this whole problem. I am up for this challenge…. But I sure do need my intimate time with my Jesus. Back off devil! Get out of my house!!!!!

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  2. I remember this from the first read, about praying for people before you go into a meeting at work and then when you leave. I forgot about that after a while. I’m going to try again….to pray for them and me!

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