Day 25: A Prophetic Voice

Today’s Reading:
Day 25 / A Prophetic Voice (pages 139-143)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses.”

Goodness this quote spoke to me tonight unlike ever before. It was just a few hours ago I was thinking to myself, “Lord, I want to do BIG things for you!!!”

It’s as if He sent a reminder directly to me that it doesn’t always have to be BIG.


In fact, take this prayer challenge as an example. This is the second time I’ve lead this particular challenge with a group of friends and the 5th study overall I’ve hosted here in this space online.

This current study is actually the biggest participation we’ve ever had – over 50 people signed up!

The first time we did this challenge we had a ton of interaction between friends commenting and sharing. That hasn’t really been the case this time. I totally get how some people don’t like sharing with those they don’t know and some people are just plain busy, etc.

But, I’ll admit I’ve questioned along the way if there is something I’ve done differently or not as well. That’s just human nature.

Today’s devotional encouraged me in knowing that even if this study has brought 1 person closer to God – it was well worth it.

All I’m asking God to do is use me – whatever way He sees fit. Sometimes that might be in big ways that are super obvious. Other times it may be in the quiet subtle ways.

Whatever the case, I want to remember this:

“…your words have the potential to change lives by helping people discover their identity and destiny in Jesus Christ.”

Yes!!! Lord, help my words to change lives by helping people – not by tearing down! Use my words to bring someone closer to You. Let my life make a difference – big or small!!

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6 thoughts on “Day 25: A Prophetic Voice

  1. Starr, This prayer challenge has touched me like nothing has touched me in a long time. I’ve even shared it with my pastor. It has actually coincided with his sermons this month. It spoke to me tonight in a way that I needed to hear. I have a situation that I’ve got to help with and I need God’s guidance like you wouldn’t believe. So, circle me!

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  2. Joyce, thank you so much for sharing this tonight!! I’m so glad God is working in your life and using this devotional along with your Pastor!! I will absolutely be circling you, friend. You can count on it! Love you so much and can’t wait to see you soon!!


  3. Oh my!!! Today spoke volumes to me. The quote you pulled out actually- it leaped off the page. I want God to use me in a BIG way, but I know He is using me behind the scenes. He showed me in the reading today how important that is. I want to be used however He will use me.

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  4. This reminded me of the story of the person who saw hundreds of starfish stranded on the beach. They were throwing them back into the ocean. Someone came up and Told them there were just too many and throwing them back wasn’t going to make a difference. The person picked up one more, threw it back into the ocean and said “it mattered to that one”. I hope I got the story right, but even if not, you get the point. It matters to someone, even if just one at a time.

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