Day 18: Keep Circling

Today’s Reading:
Day 18 / Keep Circling (pages 103-107)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“If you don’t get out of the boat, you’ll never walk on water.”

I’m definitely one of those that has been tempted to give up when the answer could be JUST around the corner. God is showing me through this challenge and through the examples in the Bible that it takes bold prayers, bold actions, and a bold faith to live out our dreams and move forward in God’s perfect will.

When I struggle with self-doubt, pray through.
When I want to over analyze and question myself, keep circling.
When I strive to have control over people and situations, LET GO and take it to God.
When I want to give up on my dreams because it just doesn’t seem worth it, keep circling.
When I think I’m not good enough, listen to God more than my self talk.

I want to live the kind of life that doesn’t always look for what’s next. I want to live out my purpose TODAY. I want to be ALL IN. I want to keep praying every single day and know that God has His hand on my family.

What is God asking you to keep circling and not give up on today? Be encouraged, friends. Your Jericho may be just 1 more circle around before the walls come tumbling down!!

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5 thoughts on “Day 18: Keep Circling

    1. I’m learning more and more that these struggles keep me closer to Him. If I had it all figured out, I know without a doubt I wouldn’t be walking close to Him. Yes, all to Jesus I surrender!!

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  1. I didn’t remember this point when reading the book the first time. I never thought about what would have happened if those in the bible had given up just short of their miracle. This encourages me to keep circling and to keep praying for my miracle!


  2. Feeling very encouraged after reading tonight. The miracle may be right around the corner, the person to lift me up is the next person…… Just keep praying and trusting. Just because I don’t have my answer yet doesn’t mean it is no. My way is definitely not Gods way!!!! Lord help me to learn these lessons through your character building. I want to get out of the boat.

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    1. Yes, friend. And I just read another story about an author that was just around the corner from success with his first book. If he had given up, he’d never known what it was like to be a best selling author. We will keep going and let God be the guide.

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