Day 15: Contend for Me

Today’s Reading:
Day 15 / Contend for Me (pages 89-93)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“I made a determination a few years ago that I wasn’t going to defend myself against any and every criticism that comes my way. Life is too short, and the mission is too important. And I’m called to play offense, not defense.”

This is SUCH a huge point, friends.

I’ve been one of those people that has struggled with criticism. And it isn’t easy for me to LET. IT. GO.

This reminder is exactly what I needed. The devil knows how to play to our weaknesses and people pleasing/fighting criticism is certainly where I struggle so often.

The steps Mark mentions are fantastic. I want to remember these for the future:

Discern the spirit of the person doing the criticizing
Is the purpose redemptive or vindictive?
Put the criticism through the filter of scripture
Did my action go against scripture? = repent
Did my action line up with scripture?   = move on. Let God defend.

How about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts about the challenge so far. How are you doing? We’re almost half way there, friends! Keep circling. Be encouraged. You ARE making a difference!!

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6 thoughts on “Day 15: Contend for Me

  1. I have fallen behind but I want to learn to let the Lord fight my battles for me. I to need to learn to let it go. ( for real, let it go!!)
    I also love how he points out the first prayer for America…. Our government would change completely if they would pray and depend on God. Let’s pray for our leaders!

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  2. I fell behind too with my adjusted hours at work but I’m caught up on the reading, just now catching up on the comments. I remember many of the stories and points from the first time I read the book but I keep readings points I didn’t remember from the last time. It makes me want to read it again when we’re done with this time.

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  3. I’ve been reading this time purposefully paying close attention to places I didn’t highlight or underline previously. I’m with you. Reading again brings out an entirely different perspective. This is a devotional that will continually be a staple in my walk with Christ! It makes me a better me!!


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