Day 10: Crazy Faith

Today’s Reading:
Day 10 / Crazy Faith (pages 62-66)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“How desperate are you for the blessing, the breakthrough, the miracle? Desperate enough to pray through the night? How many times are you willing to circle the promise? Until the day you die? How long will you knock on the door of opportunity? Until your knuckles are raw? Until you knock the door down?

Are we desperate, friends? Or are we comfortable?

I tend to go more in the comfortable category. I want past comfortable. I want crazy.

Crazy looks like doing things I’ve never done before. Crazy looks like praying BOLD prayers. Crazy looks like walking the circle in my neighborhood and praying like I’m circling the walls of Jericho! Crazy looks like taking a different road than everyone else.

I want to live desperate. I want the breakthrough. I want to knock the door down. This is why I’m doing this challenge again.

I’m ready. Are you?

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2 thoughts on “Day 10: Crazy Faith

  1. In some ways I feel like I’m on a desert island and that no one thinks like me. As I read this chapter, I think my christian walk is too normal. I want get out of the normal rut and see Jesus like I’ve never seen him before.

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    1. You’ve always been so creative, mom! I don’t look at that as a weakness. It is an incredible strength that God has given you. I want to get away from normal, too. God has so much to do in our lives.


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