Day 9: Dream Factory

Today’s Reading:
Day 9 / Dream Factory (pages 57-61)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

I absolutely love how Mark points out this verse is not necessarily about sinful thoughts. Haven’t we all heard that before?? Yep.

Take those thoughts – those dreams, those ideas, those what ifs – take them all captive.

Write them down!

And make them obedient to Christ.

Let’s get to work, friends.

Let’s not just dream and think and write during this season of prayer. Over the next 30 or so days, let’s encourage each other to jump. Let’s be obedient. Let’s do what we’ve been putting off.

I’ll be first.

For almost 2 years I’ve dreamed of my own business. One that isn’t like a normal business. One that combines encouragement, blogging, inspiration for your home and family stuff – all in one place. I want to write and draw and paint and create and inspire.

And for 2 years, that’s really all I’ve had. A dream. Nothing more. A glimpse in my mind and a whole lot of people on Instagram running with their own creative businesses.

Last night I sat in my war room and started documenting. Actually putting words and ideas onto paper. Brian asked me a few weeks ago what the name of my business was going to be. I had no clue. I hadn’t even thought about that. That changed last night.

I didn’t just think, I acted. I researched names (a ton that were already taken..bummer). But y’all. I started DOING! Obedience.

How about you? What thoughts do you need to take captive? What is that thing that God won’t let you forget? What is it that He is calling you deeper into?

This is the season to take those thoughts captive…write them down…and start acting in obedience. You won’t be alone. There’s a whole bunch of us in this challenge and I’m praying a bold prayer: God, make this group a DREAM FACTORY! Help us all to hear You like we’ve never heard You before. Make things happen, Lord.

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6 thoughts on “Day 9: Dream Factory

  1. I want to go back to school. I want to be a PA. I have let the devil beat me up for a few thinking that I don’t have time, I am not smart enough, etc….. As I sat encouraging my son last night I realized that I can do it. I am smart enough. God would not call me to something He wasn’t willing to walk all the way though with me on. As I gave this advice to my son, I was realizing God was speaking to me too 🙂 I am going to CALL the college this week, not email ( since I am still waiting on a response) and set up a meeting. Let’s get this ball rolling!!

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    1. I am so very proud of you. I know you’ve been struggling with this for about as long as I have been with writing. God is moving, friend. In mighty ways!! Let’s roll!!!


  2. I have to admit that I am a few days behind everyone else in the challenge, but keeping committed to the daily practice albeit a little late! Today’s reading was awesome! I am fired up! A few days ago when I created my prayer list I honestly was underwhelmed and was left feeling like “Is that all I’ve got? What glory is God going to get out of this?” For the past couple of days I’ve been praying for an expanded vision. Yesterday I got a God Idea! And today I learned about Dream Factories! I definitely feel God working in my life and know that I’ve got to be obedient to Him by being a good steward with the gifts that He is giving me. I am showing up for duty!

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    1. Karen, don’t worry one bit about being behind! Just be where you are and keep going!! The fact that you’re showing up for duty is exactly where God wants you! You’re being obedient. So glad to be on this journey with you! I too have some days of feeling underwhelmed. I think we all go through that. Just keep circling. God is so faithful to meet us there. Thank you for commenting!!


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