Day 7: Put on Waders

Today’s Reading:
Day 7 / Put on Waders (pages 47-51)

My ah-ha from today’s reading:

“We want God to go first. That way we don’t need to exercise any faith at all. But we’ve got it backward. If we want to see God move, we need to make a move. If it seems like God isn’t moving in our lives, maybe it’s because we aren’t moving. But if we make a move, God will move heaven and earth to honor our faith.”

I’m tired of living a life that begs God to take the first step.

I want to be the one that steps out when everyone else is afraid. I want to be brave. I want to be filled with a courage and a faith like I’ve never had. I want to be BOLD!

I want to make a move.

One of my personal circles during this prayer challenge is writing a book. I made a move today. I got all of my crazy book ideas out of my head and spoke them out loud to another human being (besides poor Brian who gets to hear them ALLLL the time). It was scary. The entire time I was thinking about how dumb I probably sounded. I was uncomfortable. It’s like taking your heart and laying it out on a platter and saying, HERE. Yikes. Please don’t be mean, ha!

But, the best thing happened. My friend just so happens to be working with someone to help LAUNCH THEIR FIRST PUBLISHED BOOK!! Hello!!! I had no idea she was working on this project. She gave me excellent points to ponder and even a few guides for my first steps.

Wow. God. Thanks for meeting me there today and showing up in the little details to let me know that you still hear my heart.

I want to take more first steps. I want to leave the house with my waders on. I want to build the ark when there is no rain. And I don’t want to worry about how crazy others might think I am. I’m Your child and You have called me for Your purpose!

How about you? Have you been bold lately and took the first step? Are you nervous about jumping off that cliff? Tell us about your journey and encourage others in the challenge.

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5 thoughts on “Day 7: Put on Waders

  1. I keep telling myself I’m too old to make such drastic changes in my life, that I need to play it safe. I will need some nudging from God to take such bold steps that result in the changes I want to see. I may be weak but I serve a God who is strong when I am weak. I’ll be praying for that boldness.

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  2. It is never too late. I believe God puts up in places and situations for a reason – no matter how young or old. He still wants to use us! I’m praying that God gives you courage like you’ve never felt and a boldness that can’t be shaken. I know God has mighty plans and we are in the right place – in His presence. Seeking Him for you!


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