Welcome to the 40 Day Prayer Challenge

Hi everyone,
Thanks for signing up to participate in the 40 Day Prayer Challenge with us starting Jan 1st! We have over 20 people in our little group and I’m so excited to take this journey with you.

A few details about the challenge:

Daily Alerts
I will send 1 daily alert starting Jan 1 for the Prayer Challenge. The link will take you directly to my prayer/devotional blog: http://www.praysalot.wordpress.com I will send this alert via email or text (whichever you indicated in your sign up). If at any time you want to discontinue alerts or change your mind and want to be added, just email or text me (contact info at the bottom of this email). I’m planning to send the alerts around 7am each morning. Note: The content for each day will be posted to the blog the night before, so if you want to read earlier than 7am, just click on over to the website.

A note about the blog:
The blog is simply a space to keep you on track, engage with other challenge participants, etc. It’s kind of like a virtual Bible study group. Reading the blog is TOTALLY optional. Some people like it, some don’t. I don’t plan to write long posts in this space (for those of you that did the challenge previously). I’m keeping it short and simple in 2016 – and doing LESS!!! It is super fun when people comment and share, though. Just sayin’.
The Book
This 40 day challenge will be based on the book “Draw the Circle” by Mark Batterson. Links to purchase the book or download online can be found here: http://thedailystarr.com/2015/12/29/im-kicking-off-2016-with-a-40-day-prayer-challenge-whos-in/

If you don’t have the book on Day 1, don’t stress. Catch up when you can get the book. But do get the book as soon as possible. Just pray in the meantime, ha.

Note: Mark Batterson also wrote the book The Circle Maker. Draw the Circle is a devotional book that kind- of-sort-of goes along with The Circle Maker. BUT – you do not have to read the Circle Maker first. You may end up wanting to read it by the time we finish the devotional. I would highly recommend it. A great easy read.

How the Challenge Works
This challenge is all about prayer. There is no right or wrong. Don’t make this too complicated. It is between you and God. Ask Him now to start preparing you and to teach you something during this study.

The basics (taken from the Introduction of the devotional book):

#1 – Don’t do the challenge alone. Well, you’re with us, so no worries there!!

#2 – What should I circle? (circle also means pray) – from the author: “Don’t feel bad if you don’t know on Day 1. The true purpose of prayer is to get into God’s presence so He can outline His agenda for us. Pray about what to pray about. God will reveal a promise, a problem, or a person. Then circle whatever God has prompted you to pray for with the same kind of consistency with which the earth circles the sun.”

#3 – When should I take the challenge? You can start at any time, but the important thing is to establish a start or end date. Easy. We’re starting Jan 1 🙂

#4 is the most important key of the entire Challenge in my opinion!

#4 – Where should I pray? – from the author: “It’s important to make a daily appointment with God by determining a time and place to pray.  If it helps, put the appointment in your calendar or set an alarm. I recommend that you give God the first few minutes of the day. When I pray at the beginning of the day, it’s like my whole day becomes a prayer. When I dial into God’s frequency in the morning, I hear His still small voice the rest of the day.”
Invite a Friend
Last time we did this Challenge I literally wanted to tell everyone I knew to GET THIS BOOK and join us. It really is that good. Do you have a friend or family member that you want to invite? Go ahead now. They can download the ebook and get started with us on the 1st. Or they can pick up a copy at the local Barnes and Nobles bookstore.
My contact info:
If you need anything at all or have questions (or just want to comment about a certain day and don’t want to share it with everyone) – feel free to email, text, or respond to the daily alerts anytime. Your responses go directly to me and not the entire group.

See you in 2016!

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