Love Does 21

Thursday, May 21
Chapter 21: Hearing Aid
(pg 137)

Quote of the Day:

“We’re God’s plan, and we always have been. We aren’t just supposed to be observers, listeners, or have a bunch of opinions. We’re not here to let everyone know what we agree and don’t agree with, because, frankly, who cares? Tell me about the God you love; tell me about what He has inspired uniquely in you; tell me about what you’re going to do about it, and a plan for your life will be pretty easy to figure out from there. I guess what I’m saying is that most of us don’t get an audible plan for our lives. It’s way better than that. We get to be God’s plan for the whole world by pointing people toward Him.”- Love Does by Bob Goff, pg 143

Scripture Reference:

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Putting Love into Action:

“You know those things that have pinged you? Those gifts that are beautiful? Those countries and people who are most important to you? The God you love? Keep moving toward those!” -pg 142


Bob talked about dusting for fingerprints of Jesus – looking for evidence of Him in the things he thinks he understands as well as the things he doesn’t understand at all. Where have you seen evidence of an inaudible God moving lately?

Post your comments below for today’s question/discussion. I can’t wait to hear your answers!


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9 thoughts on “Love Does 21

  1. I had an “Ah ha” moment this week while riding down the road. I’ve been thinking a lot about the journey God has me on of writing – and how I’ve written something every single day since September of last year. Some days I really wonder why in the world I’m still doing it. Some days I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and I see evidence of God’s fingerprints. It’s tough because I don’t always have that confident feeling that you’d expect. It occurred to me for the first time that my mindset about people and giving has COMPLETELY changed since I started writing. That’s not something I even expected from writing. Because of my discipline to write each day, I’m forced to think about those around me more often and what I can do to help others. The old Starr went through each day not as concerned about those around me, but more concerned about my four and no more. Sure, we volunteered and worked in the church, but something is different. Each day brings a different perspective – through writing. Was that my goal in writing? No. I really don’t know what my goal was – I just felt like God was telling me to write. I’m discovering little by little each day a bit more of the direction He’s moving. I’m learning it’s really more about love and people – and maybe God needed writing as the tool to teach me those lessons.


  2. Yesterday morning, a coworker (S) came up to me to let me know that his boyfriend (J) had prayed with him for the first time. They both attend church several times a week – and say they are Christians. But have never prayed together. They are trying to buy a home together. Anyway, S tells me that J has never prayed with him. But they really want this home. So after viewing it, J turns to him and says “I think we should pray about it.” So they did – sitting in the car. And now it looks like it is working out. They both credit God for helping them with this. To see S’s eyes when he is telling me this – he so excited about how God was honoring their prayer. (Yes, I know there is a controversial situation here.)

    In my life directly, a couple of weeks ago, I made a comment on this blog about wanting to be uncomfortable. I thought that meant in my walk with Him. (And it might still.) But the very day I made that comment, a job opportunity came up that is completely out of my comfort zone – and it meant giving up things that I was comfortable doing… I am taking the chance and stepping out with the new opportunity. It really felt like God saying, “You want uncomfortable? Really?” 🙂

    Small moments when you know (or at least are pretty sure) it’s Him…

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    1. Wow, just wow! That’s not the kind of uncomfortable you were thinking, right? The job, the conversations, it all comes back to daily experiences and opportunities that we get to live out a love that does – no matter if it’s in front of people with different beliefs than our own, right? Thanks for sharing how God is stretching you!


  3. As I read I keep telling God to use me more. As I try to find my talents and my purpose I feel like God has backed off, and now I realized today- maybe I am not listening as hard. God is sending broken people to me daily that I can witness to, now I need to pay a lot more attention. He is not always going to use an audible voice-duh!

    Right now, I keep getting this feeling that I need to go back to school. My prayer is am I getting this nudge from God or am I just making it up? Lord, if this you I need money to go and help with my time. It would open more doors to take care of people and more money to give in areas I would like to help.

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    1. It is hard to realize that we won’t always hear Him, right? I am praying that God will continue to nudge your heart about what is next and where you are supposed to be. Like I just posted on my mom’s comment – I know that whatever adventure He has for you, it will be GREAT!!!


  4. I feel that I really want to help other women who struggle with infertility. This is a taboo subject with most women but one that should be more important and known about. I’m in the process of praying about going back to school to become a therapist or counselor to help women like me, and if that’s not what im meant to do I pray God will lead me in the right direction.

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    1. Meghan, there is such a need for this. I fully believe that God wants to use each of us in our struggles to minister to those that have been in the same place. No one can relate like someone that has been there and can say, “Me too!” I’m praying for God to guide your steps to exactly where you need to be and to cross paths with those that need encouragement the most!!


  5. Wow! These are some awesome thoughts and goals! From the sound of these desires, I think God will need to work some miracles and then the glory can be His! As far as my goals and future, I don’t know what is going to happen with my role at work but something has to change very soon. Most of the people and jobs reporting to me have gone to India and the rest will go to digital or to vendors by end of year. I know that I may have choices to make, I just don’t know what they are. I need to work for a few more years before I can retire. I pray every day that God will direct my path and help me to make wise decisions.

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    1. I will pray with you, mom. God has used you so much in that role to encourage others. No matter where He sends you, your next adventure is gonna be GREAT!!!


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