Love Does 18

Monday, May 18
Chapter 18: Catching a Ride
(pg 113)

Quote of the Day:

“I learned something hitchhiking that day, I learned that even though I needed a ride to get somewhere, I had a lot of power over who I’d hitch a ride with. I know it sounds simple, but life is like that. You become like the people you hand around, and to a great degree, you end up going wherever they’re headed. When there is someone else behind the steering wheel, it needs to be someone you’d trust with your life, because you’ve given a great deal of control over your life to them.”  – Love Does by Bob Goff, pg 118

Scripture Reference:

Proverbs 13:20
Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Putting Love into Action:

Take an inventory of who you’ve been riding with lately in life. Have you given over control to someone that is headed where you don’t want to go? If you aren’t sure – ask them where they are going.


Does anyone else have a story about ending up with strangers in strange places???

Post your comments below for today’s question/discussion. I can’t wait to hear your answers!


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7 thoughts on “Love Does 18

  1. I TOTALLY have a story about catching a ride with a stranger!!! Several years ago Brian and I were taking a trip to California for our first ever Keller Williams conference. We had delays in Charlotte taking off from the airport and were scheduled to land in San Francisco JUST in time to make our connection to Anaheim. There were terrible storms all over California that night and we seriously did the Home Alone sprint across the airport trying to catch our connecting flight. No such luck. We were stranded – along with hundreds of other people standing in lines because of the storms. It was the last flight out of the night and we were hearing from others that there were no hotel rooms nearby because of all the cancellations. Lovely. As we stood in a super long line to find out what our options were, we met a random guy that worked at Wells Fargo. He was currently living in Charlotte and had been on the same flight we were on, trying to make the same connection. He was from Anaheim and was traveling home for a few days. He shared with us that the drive was only about 6 hours or so and that if they couldn’t make it work for him, he was considering renting a car and making the drive through the night. That sounded like a good idea. Once we all got to the ticket counter we found out it may be 2 days before they could get us out because of all of the other people that were stranded. We would miss our conference. Our new friend offered to split the rental car with us and make the drive. Sure. Why not? We got our flight ticket refunds and headed to the rental cars. Nevermind that this guy was of foreign decent and told us about how his family lived in Iran…no big deal. It was 1am in Charlotte. I was supposed to be letting my mom know that we had landed and were safe. Instead, she got a text that we didn’t make our connecting flight and that we were driving through the night with some stranger. Please pray. Oh, yes we did. So, we pulled into In-And-Out Burgers and got a late night snack before hitting the road. This guy did not want to listen to the radio. Brian slept in the front passenger seat while I sat in the back seat like a chatterbox. I asked every question known to man about California. I did not want this guy to fall asleep!! From my 6 hours of commentary, I found out that we were traveling through an absolutely beautiful part of California – too bad I couldn’t see any of it in the dark!!! Finally, around daybreak he seemed super sleepy. I convinced him to let me drive through Burbank and into Anaheim. We pulled into our hotel, said goodbye and never saw him again. I’m so thankful God kept us safe that night. I still can’t believe we ever did this!!!


  2. Starr!!!! That’s awesome!! I went on a mission trip to Kenya 2 yrs ago. We started in charlotte and went to nYC. That’s as far as we got before our travels got really messed up and we went to a whole lot more airports than we were supposed to! We went to Switzerland and then to Istanbul….. Let me tell you Turkish airlines is another world. Everyone on the flight had turbans, it played some really crazy Turkish music, and they fed you Turkish delight on a toothpick on a silver platter. Wow. I ended up switching seats with someone from our group because my ticket was next to her Dad. So I climbed over 2 men and assumed they didn’t speak English and fell asleep since we had been flying for over 24 hours and I was exhausted. I woke up and those men were talking like crazy in some language. Well, I love to talk so I asked where they were going. (I wasn’t intimidated being a woman and being in a plane full of turbans!). They spoke very clear English but they said “we are going on our pilgrimage to Mecca.” Oh I said trying to swallow and figure out how in the world I would talk to these dudes going on their biggest Muslim life experience. So of course they asked me where I was going. “I’m going to KENYA to build churches and to teach people about Jesus!” Let me tell you – that was the best flight I had ever been on!!! We talked and talked about religion the entire time. I asked them questions and they asked me questions. We had a blast. I quickly realized that I had a Devine appointment that day and I am forever grateful for that. I may not have changed their minds but they did hear about the truth who JEsus is!! They did thank me for talking to them and that they wished that others could talk about religion the way we did – it was the absolute coolest experience and I wished we could have talked more!!! And the entire time my husband was frantically trying to track where we were and thought he lost me for good- oh no dear, I’m fine, I was just in Istanbul!!!! I did get to finally talk to him in Tansania where our luggage almost got confiscated and we fly around mt Everest… But that’s another story! I learned to grab hold of those Devine appointments. Be Jesus and he will rock your world!!!

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    1. Ahhhh Becca!! I do remember hearing from Matt about the crazy flights, but I had no idea that’s what happened! I traveled during college for a study trip about world religions. We met with Hindu people, Muslims, Buddhist, and Christians. I was absolutely shocked at how nice and hospitable the Muslims were during our visit. It was very eye opening to have conversations about their beliefs – in a non-threatening way. I’m so glad you got to experience this as well and that God put you in the very seat you were meant to be in during that flight!!


  3. I just can’t remember being in these types of situations with strangers! One thing that comes to mind in reading your stories is the friend Joy had during elementary school. The little Muslim girl lived in our neighborhood and she became best friends with Joy. While they did drift apart once we moved from the neighborhood, I hope that Mariam will remember her little Christian friend and just maybe some seeds will grow.

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    1. That’s a great example!! You could talk about any of your travel adventures, living in Puerto Rico, small elevators with Belinda, taxi drivers that get arrested on the way to the airport…you TOTALLY have stories 🙂


  4. My whole life now seems to be taking a ride with strangers. I work in a multicultural office With a variety of languages spoken at any given time. Even vendors and partners are multicultural. I’ve learned so much about expectations of different view points. And I’d like to think they would say the same about me.

    Even outside of work, is such a melting pot of languages and cultures. Some stereotypes are proven false and some are so accurate! (Yes in general people from India are habitually late and have horrible taste when creating PowerPoint. ;))

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