Love Does 15

Friday, May 15
Chapter 15: A Word Not to Use
(pg 99)

Quote of the Day:

“It’s almost like Jesus came to say, among other things, that a relationship with Him isn’t supposed to make complete sense or provide security. Faith isn’t an equation or a formula or a business deal that gets you what you want. In short, there’s nothing on the other side of the equals sign, just Jesus.”  – Love Does by Bob Goff, pg 101

Scripture Reference:

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Putting Love into Action:

Bob talked about how God doesn’t spell out everything for us – He wants us to trust Him. Write down one thing you are struggling with and give it to God today. Then, call a friend and tell them about it. Ask them to help you pray and then ask if there is anything you can help them pray about. Trust together.


Random study question day!! What have you liked most about Love Does so far? We’re half way done and I want to hear your thoughts – especially some of you that haven’t commented. Also, don’t apologize if you’re behind – that isn’t a problem at all!! Read when you can, comment when you get to that day if you can. No one is taking score 🙂

Post your comments below for today’s question/discussion. I can’t wait to hear your answers!


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8 thoughts on “Love Does 15

  1. My favorite part so far is hearing what God does for others, the struggles he helped others overcome. There is victory! When I get discouraged in my struggles it is nice to see others struggle and have overcome. Means I will too!

    This is a great book and a very easy read.

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  2. The majority of my reading this time has been listening to the audio book- read by Bob Goff. So for me it’s been like listening to him tell personal stories about his life.

    I’ve gotten frustrated with him a few times. And I’ve literally laughed out loud several times.

    Some of the most poignant points for me are ones we have not gotten to in the study. So I’ll hold off on commenting. 🙂

    Definitely glad we read this one. I am going back now to relisten. And pick up the book to read as well.

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    1. This is one book where I actually may consider getting the audio – I have never done that and Bob seems like he would be super entertaining!! Thanks for letting us know about that. And yes, some of my FAVORITE chapters are coming up too!!!


      1. Getting the audio was new for me. I’ve had few audio books. But this one just felt right when I was ordering the book. The videos from the book study are on YouTube.


  3. I love how Bob takes his everyday ordinary stories about life and relates them to God in a way that doesn’t come across as preachy at all – more like having coffee with your best friend. His stories inspire me to be more creative, more spontaneous and to listen to that crazy little voice inside that I sometimes try to ignore or think is just crazy! I want everyday to be an adventure!


  4. This book is really uplifting. I’ve laughed out loud many times, It is so good that I’ve read ahead. While his stories are entertaining, he so easily brings The Word into the story and I really feel that he is sincere in all he writes about. I wish I were so creative!

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