Love Does 12

Tuesday, May 12
Chapter 12: Wow, What a Hit!
(pg 84)

Quote of the Day:

“I heard a self-help guy say once you could look in the mirror and give yourself something he called positive affirmations, like saying to yourself you are good or smart or talented. I don’t know if that works, to be honest. Maybe it does. But I do know one thing that works every time – it’s having somebody else say something good about you. I think that’s how we were created, you know, to get named by people this way. I think God speaks something meaningful into our lives and it fills us up and helps us change the world regardless of ourselves and our shortcomings. His name for us is His beloved. He hopes that we’ll believe Him like I came to believe what the coach said about me. He hopes we’ll start to see ourselves as His beloved rather than think of all the reasons that we aren’t.” – Love Does by Bob Goff, pg 87

Scripture Reference:

Colossians 4:6 “Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.”

Putting Love into Action:

Say something good about someone else today. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive. Change the world with the words you speak about someone else.


Bob talked about the words of enocouragement people say to us – they not only have shelf life, but the ability to shape life! What words have been spoken into your life that have shaped you into a better person?

Post your comments below for today’s question/discussion. I can’t wait to hear your answers!


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5 thoughts on “Love Does 12

  1. I have 2 examples of words that were spoken to me as a child by my teachers. In first grade, I had a teacher that was incredible. She had the gift of teaching – a calling, really. In one of my scrapbooks, I have a copy of a letter that she sent home to my parents about what a joy it was to have me in her classroom. She made me feel loved. She took every opportunity to encourage the kids in her classroom. I will always remember this. On the flip side, I had a teacher in high school that once wrote on my paper, “This is pitiful!” – and the sad part was, I was trying my very best. It brought me to tears and unfortunately, I still remember those words too. I did get past that – only after failing her class and retaking the exact same subject with another teacher and coming out with straight A’s! I do believe words have the ability to shape our lives. I want to think more about the words that I speak every single day – ESPECIALLY the words I say to and around my kids. They are like sponges. It’s way too often that I find myself quick to snap at them and criticize. I don’t want those to be the words they remember. I want to be an encourager and to lead them to do the same when they grow up.


  2. The old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” comes to mind.

    Time and again, as I have gone through trials, I have found myself thinking “who in the world could ever think words don’t hurt???”

    I have seen it in myself, even as an adult. The words of others hitting me hard. Whether positive or negative.

    (Recently, as I have been ready to step away from one of my unpaid jobs, the “boss” says “Melissa, no one could do this like you. I sometimes forget how blessed I am to have you back here in charge of this….” And yes I stayed.)

    But worse is when I know the words from my mouth lash out at others. And you can see it when it happens. I cringe when it’s happening. Wishing I could stop. And praying for guidance.

    Let me speak positive affirmation to those around me. Family, friend, coworker, or acquaintance.

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    1. I thought about that same quote for sticks and stones as I wrote my comment. Totally in agreement with you for the positive affirmations to those around us. I want to be known as the girl that brightens your day, not the one that brings you down 🙂


  3. I had the opportunity this week to try and give encouragement to a friend who reached out to me for help. First of all I was honored that they would call me! Then I was wondering what In the world I would say to her! She is going through something I’ve never faced. I just shared with her some of my personal tactics to get through challenging times and I let her know that what she was feeling was very normal. I was delighted to hear the next day that she had taken my advice on a couple of things and she was feeling much better! I am so glad to be a friend and to have friends I can call on anytime!

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    1. When you told me this story last night I came home and thought about how that was a perfect example of how love does!!! God sent you the opportunity and you took it – even though you didn’t know what to say!! God used you and He will continue as long as we keep saying YES! You’re an inspiration to me!


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