Love Does 10

Sunday, May 10
Chapter 10: The Interviews
(pg 67)

Quote of the Day:

“I want to live in a new normal where I can reach out to people who are different from me and just be friends. I remember hearing in elementary school that we could be pen pals with someone far away. That was great and all, but there’s a big difference between being pen pals and being real pals. To make an impact you have to go there and start a friendship. Friends do – they don’t just think about it.” – Love Does by Bob Goff, pg 74

Scripture Reference:

Today’s reading made me think about friends in the Bible – friends that actually DID. Ruth was one of those people.

Ruth 1:6 “But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”

Putting Love into Action:

Find a friend that needs more than words. Find a friend that needs action. Do for a friend. Just because. Be a friend that does.


Share with us a time that a friend walked alongside of you – big or small. A friend that made a real difference in your life by showing you love.

Post your comments below for today’s question/discussion. I can’t wait to hear your answers!


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10 thoughts on “Love Does 10

  1. I started a new school in 9th grade. I had ZERO friends. Thankfully, band camp took place a few weeks before school – so I had a chance to at least learn a few faces before classes started. My friend Tara was my first ever “new friend” at my new school. And I seriously asked her to be my friend because we both played clarinet and ended up sitting beside each other. I needed a friend. She said yes. God knew I would need Tara in my life. She’s done more than just be a friend, she’s opened her house for the past 7 years and kept my children. Not only does she keep them, she treats them like her very own. I trust Tara like family. I feel like we ARE family. She’s such a strong lady that I admire so very much. I’m so glad that she displays a love that does on a consistent basis with our children and in her home. I love you, Tara!


  2. My family moved a lot due to my dad’s job so I had to leave all of my school friends. In my adult life, outside my husband and daughters, my closest friend is my older sister. I joke around that I never liked her until she went off to college and I missed her. She is two years older so most of our growing up years she let me know that I was too young to hang around with her and her friends. As we’ve grown up, gone through the divorce and then the deaths of both parents, we are closer than ever. People now ask if we are twins. We look alike, we talk alike and we both have the same interests. We’ve both held strong to our faith and we try our best to serve God and serve others. I thank God for my family and for the great relationships I have with both my sisters and their families.

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    1. I’m so thankful that you each had each other to get through those hard times that came in your adult lives. I’m also thankful that we can all still be so close – even miles and miles away!!


  3. So as you can tell I am behind in my reading. So today I have just finished chapter 10 and have just read your blog, Starr.

    Where do I begin! This is a completely true story! In the 9th grade and never having to move, I still did not have a “real” friend. That is until You, Starr asked me to be your friend at band camp. God not only knew what he was doing for you, but he knew what I needed at that time and all these years later. I would not have made it through this life so far without you. You are the bestest friend ever.

    I have enjoyed loving your girls and can’t wait to love this little boy too. Love you too Starr!

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    1. No worries on being behind, friend 🙂 God totally knew what He was doing when he intersected our paths. I’m so thankful for YOU!! And Nana too!!!


  4. As a child, my dad moved quite a bit. I had friends for seasons of my life. And some that walked along side during trials. But honestly most disappeared during the hardest ones.

    I believe those were the times I was to lean more on Him. And I get that now. But it wasn’t easy at the time.

    When others have (what seems like) left you, it’s hard to trust. I am just recently started opening up to more friendships again. It’s great. And I know they are with me whatever may happen.

    I do thank Him for the friends that have gone. I think they were in my life for a season. And most are remembered fondly.

    But I think Him for the seasons when I had to solely depend on Him as well. AND for the new friendships.

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    1. I have to constantly remind myself that God moves people in and out for a reason. That is hard when you want to take things personally and to blame yourself for what you did wrong. But, God has a reason for removing people and bringing people in for the exact seasons that we need them most. I want to be so in touch with God that I know when it is actually ME that He wants to move for whatever reason.


      1. I have been listening to the book on audio. Bob made a comment this morning aboutlearning to listen for God’s voice. And not that it’s audible. But knowing when it is Him. I thought YES exactly!

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  5. I’m behind since it is now Thursday & I am just reading Sunday’s chapter but had to comment because I LOVED this chapter. I have enjoyed the entire book but this chapter gave me faith again in our leaders & so proud that the leaders in other countries would meet with these children. I know it encouraged them & am so glad their parents followed through on the traveling. What a great learning experience for the entire family. Thank you Starr for encouraging us & “leading” us in the reading of this precious book. Love you, Tracey

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    1. TRAAAACAAAAY!!! I just love you! Ok – first of all, no more apologizing by ANYONE for being behind. This is totally go at your own pace and there is no one keeping score. Don’t be feeling guilty – I totally get that life gets crazy. Read when you can and comment away whenever 🙂 I’m so glad that you are loving this book and that you’re doing this with us! I too loved this chapter. It really encouraged me to challenge myself on what I do with my kids. I love how creative Bob is in not thinking anything is too crazy – and look what happened!! I want my kids to experience things like this and to see how big the world is and how great God is at the same time!! Love you, friend!


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