Love Does 8

Friday, May 8
Chapter 8: Wedding Cake
(pg 54)

Quote of the Day:

“At some point I stopped staring at the pile of broken cake on the asphalt that was my life and decided to get some skin in the game. My life had not been shattered into many pieces by a massive tragedy, but it consisted of as many disorganized pieces as it would if it had been. I simply decided that I wasn’t going to let the residual rocks and small pieces of gravel get in the way of me getting served up and used. It has always seemed to me that broken things, just like broken people, get used more; it’s probably because God has more pieces to work with.” – Love Does by Bob Goff, pg 57

Scripture Reference:

Isaiah 61:3 “To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory.”

Putting Love into Action:

Look for something that isn’t perfect – and make a use for it. Be reminded that “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” I love finding things that most people consider trash and bringing them to life. I love taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. We all have the ability to find the beauty around us. Do that today!


Is there a time when God used something broken (or even disastrous) in your life and made it beautiful?


Was there a time God used you in spite of your brokenness?

Tell us and encourage the others in our study!

Post your comments below for today’s question/discussion. I can’t wait to hear your answers!


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16 thoughts on “Love Does 8

  1. I feel a lot like Bob when he said that his life hadn’t been shattered by one massive tragedy – just a lot of disorganized pieces that still make a mess! My mom mentioned in the comments yesterday about a tough time that our family went through several years ago. It was absolutely one of the hardest things I have ever been through. I grew up SUPER close to my youth group – we did EVERYTHING together and these kids were like my brothers and sisters (I didn’t have any at the time hah!). When my family had to walk away from everything we knew in a church that we had invested so much into, it was devastating. I felt broken. My family felt broken. And there wasn’t much encouragement coming our way. Thankfully, God sent some amazing people into our lives that lifted us up when we needed it the most. For one, he sent us to an incredible tiny church in Charlotte that loved on us – no matter what. They wrapped their arms around us and ministered to us for an entire year. Second, God sent Brian into my life during this time. I didn’t feel like there was really anyone from my old youth group that I could talk to or trust for a very long time. Brian didn’t care. He stood by me as a friend and even though my dad still doesn’t believe us – we were just friends. And that is what I needed the most. God turned a broken family with a broken situation into something beautiful, for sure!


    1. It’s hard to go through situations so painful. But when you emerge on the other side still in tact, you are stronger and better for it.

      From personal experience.

      The Kelly family are an inspiration.

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  2. God is using me to lead a Sunday school class. For those that don’t know me I am not shy but I have not done anything right! I married a man because I fell in love with his daughter and thought having a baby would make my marriage stronger. ( no no no) I got divorced. I moved in with a man I thought could help take care of me and my son. I did not think this thru ( if you aren’t married you should not live together) and then had another baby. I knew this was not the life I wanted. I went back to church and God confirmed in me that this was not who I was. If I would depend on Him, he would make my life pretty. And now- he is teaching me more by leading a few studies in Sunday school. A good friend of mine (who I don’t spend enough time with) encouraged me a lot and said God could use me. I am really glad I did. I am growing much closer to the Lord than I thought I ever could.

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    1. When I heard you were teaching Sunday school I was so impressed and proud of you! I love hearing how He is using you. (Just no blogging during choir. ;))

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  3. These questions make me think hard and dig back into almost 60 years to write down how time after time God worked miracles in my life. The first thing He made beautiful was my life. I was a lost sinner and he saved my soul at a very early age and spared me from a life of misery and despair! He took a little family devastated by divorce and held us together with peace, harmony, joy and no desire to turn from our walk in faith. Through several tough times in my life, God surrounded me with a tight circle of beautiful friends and family to lift me up when I’m down, to cry with me when I’m sad, and to make me smile at the curves life throws at us. My life is beautiful because of who I choose to let lead my life. I’m amazed that He loved me…..

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  4. I’ve been thinking all day how to answer this question. There are so many honest replies.

    But the simplest (other than my life in general) is my kids. And grandkids. Relationships not when they should have been. But the results are wonderful children with great potential to serve Him. (Okay so for a couple I may be speaking to what I know and not what is seen.)

    But my children are definitely the beautiful from the broken and disastrous.

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    1. I love this answer. We all have a broken story to tell. I was sitting in my daughter’s room tonight praying as she fell asleep and I prayed that God would help me – not to be perfect – but for my daughters to see an imperfect mom, with all of her faults and failures – and to see that Jesus is enough for all of those things. I don’t want them ever trying to measure up to perfection. I want them to see the broken beautiful, every single day.


  5. I am in the midst of a situation that has left me feeling broken, useless, less of a woman, but I know there is a reason for this and im still trying to find my way, but I know my relationship with God would be no where near what it is right now if I wasn’t going through this situation. I feel like he is going to use me somehow someway through this pain and hurt I feel right now.

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    1. He is absolutely using you right now and your story is going to be able to touch so many that have walked the same exact road as you. We are lifting you up along this journey and I’m so blessed to have you in my life! Love you, friend!

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