Love Does / Starts FRIDAY!

Hi friends,
Our study of the book LOVE DOES starts this Friday!! A few important items:

1) Have you bought your book yet?

Buy it at Walmart (on the shelf in the store around $15)Buy it from Amazon (only $8.99 and free 2 day shipping with Prime) the ebook and have it immediately on your phone/computer/kindle ($9.99): Send me an email ( and tell me how you would like your daily alerts for the online study portion.EMAIL, TEXT or BOTH.
If you prefer text, include the number you would like to receive it at.

Daily study updates from me are going to be super simple and short this time – let’s enjoy reading a fun book together without a lot of pressure, ok?? 🙂

3) There’s still time to invite a friend!!

For the first study we did – I bought a bunch of books and gave them to friends. Know someone that might like to read along? Pick them up a book and let me know if you want to add them to our online group!

If you want to send them a quick blurb, you can forward them this link:

Respond to this email if you have any questions at all! I look forward to reading with you guys starting Friday!

Here’s the full reading schedule >> Love Does Schedule.pages <<

Thank you!


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