40 Days of Lent: Starts Tomorrow, Study Details

Hi friends,

Thank you for joining us in the 40 Days of Lent Bible Study.

Here is everything you need to know:

1) The daily study devotion will begin on Saturday, Feb 14. A devotion will be loaded everyday but Sunday Wednesday (these are days of rest in the study – it was supposed to be Sunday, but we started early, thus it is Wednesdays – just go with it!).

2) You can find the daily devotion update at this website: >>https://praysalot.wordpress.com/<<

3) Want a notification for each daily devotion? Sign up below to either get email, text or both!

4) Download and start the Bible App Reading Plan on SATURDAY FEB 14: >>https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/85-40-days-of-lent<<

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already started this Bible App reading plan previously, your scheduled days will be off. You will need to end the plan and start again on Saturday, Feb 14 in order to be on schedule with the rest of our group. Let me know if you have questions or issues with this and I can help. Also, if you ever use the “catch me up” feature in the Bible App, you will move your schedule and be off from the group. The best thing to do if you fall behind in your reading is to just keep reading and catch up to the current day.

That’s it! There’s still time to invite friends along to join us. Forward this email along and join in!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all and I can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

Love you all,

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