Day 49: In the city, for the city

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Do something for a neighbor that you don’t know before Christmas.
Weird. Yes. Don’t let it scare you. Maybe bake some Christmas cookies. Start a conversation. Get to know them. Build a bridge. Win them over to you, then win them over for Jesus.


Day 49: In the city, for the city

Ahhhhh the last day of reading in our study!!!! We made it, friends!!

Today’s reading focuses on how Austin New Church built their community groups. They did not form the traditional life groups that have a purpose to serve themselves. No.

They had full intentions of reaching those around them for the Kingdom.

Did you notice several places where Jen stated that this is a SLOW process? I love how she pointed out that living in this way takes time and effort.

Seeing that their church makeup is 50% new believers…WOW! Can most churches say that today?

Something must be working.

After seeing the examples in this book, I don’t want to go back to my regular comfortable way of living and thinking. There is so much that I can change in order to create a culture of serving for my family.

I want my kids to grow up with this ingrained into who they are and for them to feel living “on mission” is absolutely normal.

That is something I have the power to change, starting now.

I don’t have to wait on others around me to catch the vision. I don’t have to wait on people at my church to get on board. I can make little changes in my daily choices and priorities to live intentionally and on purpose.

This book has challenged me in ways I never expected and has caused my thinking and perspective to grow.

I pray that it has somehow had an impact on you as well.

Thank you for reading and studying with us. If you are behind or need to ever go back, these study notes will be here on the Internet forever.

Tomorrow I will send a study recap and a very short survey to get your thoughts on a few items, including another study I am planning to lead starting in February.

Thank you, friends!


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6 thoughts on “Day 49: In the city, for the city

  1. My prayer is for God to make obvious what changes I need to make. Where can I be or what can I do. It is not something that I need guidance of the church (either of them) I attend to do. (Maybe I am supposed to guide them?) But I definitely cannot do it without my Father.

    Starr, thank you for finding this book and challenging me.


    1. Thank you for joining us and bringing along friends, Melissa! God is faithful to show us those things we ask to see. His ways are so much higher and I believe He has an incredible work to do in your life – maybe completely different from what you may expect or plan for. He has prepared you with experiences that allow you to relate to so many and given you such a heart for serving. I will pray that He continues to guide you and show you what to do, where to be, what to say! Love you, friend!


  2. Thanks Starr! I appreciate your faithfulness and yes, we can apply so much of this book to our life! It’s all about sharing Jesus and his love! Merry Christmas!


    1. I’m so glad you stuck it out with us, Marilyn! You’ve been in the midst of studying and reading several studies and thank you for staying to the end! I very much appreciate your input and all of our conversations in the office to encourage me when I had doubts. Merry Christmas to you 🙂


  3. I will forever have a different perspective of my life, how I serve The Lord, how I serve others and what God needs from me. Thank you Starr for guiding us through the book and for encouraging us!


    1. Thank you, mom, for being so faithful to encourage me and to always be an example for me. Even before this study, you’ve always been one of the most giving people I’ve ever known. I’m grateful to have you and don’t tell you nearly enough. Thank you for being you and for walking beside me all the way! I love you!


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