Day 46: Breaking the Code

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Brainstorm a crazy goal for 2015
In the coming weeks, think about something you can do in 2015 that is totally different than anything you’ve ever done before. Maybe it’s donating time serving at a non-profit every month. Maybe it’s giving up something to give God more room to move. I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve got a few crazy ideas of my own that I will share in the coming days to shake up our family and do things differently than we’ve ever done before!

Day 46: Breaking the Code

Sorry guys, I slept in this morning – thus the late update for the blog.

Today’s reading showed examples of how Austin New Church really spent time and energy in learning the demographics of the culture surrounding their new church and then took it a step further to see how they could best reach those people.

They didn’t simply say, “Here we are, come if you like us and what we do here – leave if you don’t!”

That would be the easy way to do things when we’re trying to do a work for God – do things like we’ve always done them and just expect those around us to catch the vision and join along.

But, if we’re not paying attention to the local culture, the local history, the way they live their lives – we aren’t really existing to reach them fully.

I like to think about everything that Jen said in today’s reading related to our workplaces and our neighborhoods. Do we ever really get to know our coworkers, our next door neighbors? Do we understand where they’ve come from, their traditions, their culture?

If we did invest ourselves in getting to know them a little better, they may have more of an ear to listen to us and be open to hear our hearts. Just a guess.

Lord, help me to pay attention to those in my path. Help me to ask questions, be a listener, learn from others and how they live. Help me to respect their culture their past and their experiences. Help me to not be so quick to judge based on what little information I know about others. There is so much more to each of our stories and things are not always as they seem. Amen!

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2 thoughts on “Day 46: Breaking the Code

  1. This portion of the book really made me think hard about how we usually establish the church and then just wait on people to come and like us and stay. I like the practice of drawing the unsaved and unchurched into our lives outside of the church services and then letting them see how God works in our lives, showing them how a personal relationship with Christ will enrich their lives. Good reading!


    1. This has made me think about this too. I’ve even been the one that has said, “There are plenty of other churches…” I will ABSOLUTELY think twice before ever saying that again. While I still think sometimes God moves people out of churches for a reason, that should not be our default response. I’ve been so flippant and set in my ways of how I think church and ministry should go. Not anymore…


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